Man Who Spit Near A Lamp Post Booked In Hilariously Specific Ticket

Spitting Offender Did Not Gain Netizens’ Sympathy At All

A man who spit at near Lamp Post No. 6 at Arumugam Road was in for a rude shock after he was issued a ticket from a police officer.

This may or may not be Lamp Post No. 6

He submitted a screenshot of the ticket to local news site All Singapore Stuff.

The funny thing is, the summons ticket was hilariously specific about his offence.


Very specific offence

According to the ticket posted, the nature of his offence was,


In all caps, with a passive aggressive full-stop to boot.

If he failed to pay $300 by 12pm on 15 Oct, he’d be hauled to the State Courts.

Of course, the ticket even informed him of the exact space-time coordinates he’d need to get there,

State Courts No. 26N at 1 Havelock Square, Singapore 059724 on TUESDAY, 16/10/2018 at 6PM.

Leaving the matter to be resolved in courts may make him liable to a fine from $2,000 to $20,000 and/or a jail term.

In the event he tried to pon this court session, the summon stated,

Failure to attend Court will expose you to arrest anywhere in Singapore, including at your home or place of work.


Netizens hilariously show no sympathy

To add a little sass to this oddly specific fine situation, netizens were quick to offer their two-cents to the offender.


Some theorised that he wanted to raise funds to pay for the fine.


Most of them, however, thought the man who spit at the lamp post deserved the punishment.


Pavement spit is apparently quite high-SES too.


A fine city indeed

Singapore’s notoriously strict about littering and spitting laws for good reason.

We love that the authorities are leaving nothing to chance for this particular offender.

As for the innocent Lamp Post No. 6, we hope you get over the trauma of getting spit upon soon.

Featured image from All Singapore Stuff and Google Maps.

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