M’sian Law Student Sets Himself On Fire After Failing Exam Thrice, Burns 70% Of Body

Malaysian Law Student Sets Himself On Fire After Failing Exam Thrice

Participating in exams can be stressful, especially as the stakes rise and the tougher the papers become.

A student from Malaysia seemingly found himself in a distressed state and set himself on fire after failing a law exam thrice.

Dousing himself in oil at a petrol station in Johor Bahru, he lit himself on fire and ran to the middle of the road.

The 24-year-old miraculously survived but sustained burns to 70% of his body.

Law student douses himself in petrol and sets himself on fire with lighter

According to 8world News, Segamat Police District in Johor Bahru received a report of a 24-year-old man who set himself on fire at about 8pm on Tuesday (18 Apr).

The local police also shared their statement in a Facebook post, confirming that he lit himself with a lighter at a gas station in Segamat, Johor Bahru.

Source: Polis Daerah Segamat on Facebook

Images and videos of the incident show the man engulfed in flames as he runs away from the petrol station.

Petrol station operators sprung into action to stop the man, with the owner grabbing a fire extinguisher and spraying the contents on the man to put the fire out.

Thankfully, the fire was put out after a short while.

Sustained burns to 70% of body

However, the student continued and ran to the middle of a nearby road and sat himself down.

Fortunately, a lorry managed to stop in time and avoided a collision. However, the sudden stop caused a chain collision behind.

It is unknown what happened after this point, but China Press reports that an ambulance ferried the 24-year-old to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Source: 8world News

Medical professionals assessed that the man sustained burns to 70% of his body.

According to China Press, the 24-year-old man had failed his law exam on three occasions and was ashamed of breaking the news to his family.

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Featured image adapted from World of Buzz & 8world News.

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