Cat Feeding Doesn’t Cause Rat Problems, Human Littering Does

MP Lee Bee Wah caused a stir in parliament on 12 Feb when she blamed unsupervised cat feeding for creating rat problems in the neighbourhood.

While she has clarified that she’s only against irresponsible cat feeding, not everyone is satisfied.


A resident in Khatib, in Lee Bee Wah’s Nee Soon GRC, has gathered concrete evidence to disprove the MP’s claims.

No trace of cat food

Unhappy with Lee Bee Wah’s accusations, the Khatib resident decided to conduct an independent inspection.

She spent over an hour after midnight walking around, observing the conditions of her neighbourhood.

After thorough checks, she found that there was no cat food lying around. Instead, leftover human food was stacked in messy piles, attracting rats.


People abandoned remnants of their meals out in the open, as though inviting the rats over for a feast.


The resident noted that the rubbish remains overnight till cleaners start clearing them out the next morning.

Killing pests not a solution

Highlighting that the problem lies with irresponsible humans, the resident asked Singaporeans to reconsider killing pests as a solution.


She appealed to people’s humanity to spare the animals’ lives as they’re simply trying to survive — reasoning that there wouldn’t be pests if people don’t leave their rubbish strewn about.

Pest control may eradicate the problem quickly, but the effects are only temporary.

Urging Singaporeans to reflect on existing measures, the resident simply wants people to show more compassion to animals.

She hopes MP Lee Bee Wah would help raise awareness, so that the problem can be solved more effectively.

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