5 Reasons HK Actor Lee Siu-Kei Is Our Hero Though He’s A Legendary Villain On Screen

Actor Lee Siu-Kei Passed Away From Liver Cancer On 2 Jun

TVB actor Lee Siu-Kei, known as 1 of the 4 biggest villains (四大恶人) in the Hong Kong movie scene, has passed away from liver cancer on Sunday (2 Jun).

While he may be a foreign name for many younger Singaporeans today, he is a well-loved villain in many Hong Kong movies for the older generation.


As the industry mourns the loss of a veteran artiste, let’s seek to remember him for all his contributions, as well as how valiantly he fought life’s tribulations.

1. Former triad member turned consultant for many HK movies

Mr Lee was previously a triad member, but under the advice of his friends, he left his gang to join showbiz.


He would later go on to become an adviser for various Hong Kong triad movies.


2. 1 of 4 biggest villains (四大恶人) in many Hong Kong movies

As Mr Lee acted in many villainous roles, he would later become well-known as one of the 4 biggest villains (四大恶人) in the Hong Kong movie industry.


Notable movies he has acted in include Young and Dangerous 3 (古惑仔3之只手遮天) and God of Gamblers Returns (赌神2).


He also played the role of street vendor Goosehead in The God of Cookery (食神).


3. Known for being kind & understanding

Mr Lee is said to be well known for his kindness.

When he suffered a stroke in early 2015, he chose to keep mum about it from the public as he didn’t want to bother others.


The hefty medical fees from treatment meant he had to eat into his life savings, and he eventually got into financial difficulties.

In fact, his landlord even took legal action against him for being unable to pay back the rent.

He was very understanding of his landlord, allegedly saying,

He has the right to do so.

Fortunately, a friend eventually helped him out by forking out cash to pay for the rent.

4. Valiant fight with liver cancer

Mr Lee was rumoured to be diagnosed with liver cancer before Chinese New Year this year.


Initially, he had wanted to give up treatment, but after persuasion from his good friends, he went ahead with surgery and was said to be on the road to recovery.

Less than 3 months later in Feb 2019, he married his girlfriend of 30 years.

However, his condition took a turn for the worse in late April, as the cancer cells spread to his lungs.

He eventually passed away at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Hong Kong, on Sunday (2 Jun).

5. Will be fondly remembered by many netizens

Since his passing, many netizens have taken to social media to express their condolences and reminisce about his acting roles.


English translation:

He acted really well as a villain, there were a few movies where he acted comedic villains, those were good too. RIP.


English translation:

Hong Kong’s ‘baddie’ has left us, his acting as villains were good, the movie industry has lost a good actor. May he rest in peace! 


English translation:

I’ll always remember the memorable scene of Ji Ge in The God of Cookery, where he ate a beef ball and ran around on the beach.

Rest in peace, Ji Ge (基哥)

In his legendary career spanning close to 30 years, Lee Siu-Kei has definitely defined many villainous roles in Hong Kong movies and television dramas.

While he is no longer with us today, we’re sure his roles have left a mark in many viewers’ hearts. His final battle with liver cancer also proves his mettle, not just onscreen but in reality as well.

MS News sends our condolences to his family, and may he rest in peace.

Featured image from Sohu and Sohu.

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