LessonPlan Has Kids’ Enrichment Classes For Over 600 Unique Courses From Swimming To Manga Drawing

LessonPlan Has Kids' Enrichment Classes For Over 600 Unique Courses From Swimming To Manga Drawing

Sign Your Kid Up For Unique Enrichment Classes With LessonPlan

In a competitive society like Singapore’s, it’s common for parents to enrol their children in tuition classes to help them excel in their studies.

However, while it’s important to do well in school, it’s just as vital for kids to develop skills in other non-academic areas such as sports, music, and art.

One place where parents can find such courses is LessonPlan, an online marketplace for enrichment classes in Singapore.


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With over 600 unique courses that are easily filtered by subject, date, time, and location, parents will have no trouble finding something that interests their little one.

Swimming classes galore on LessonPlan

Most folks might simply think of swimming as a leisurely activity or a way to lose weight, but it’s actually an essential life skill — after all, you would want to be able to save yourself if you suddenly found yourself in a body of water.


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LessonPlan prides itself on being the platform where you can find the most swimming class slots in Singapore. This means you can have your pick of the litter or find one that’s the most convenient for your kid to attend.

Choose from popular schools such as Puffer Fish Swim School, WSC Water Kids, and Fitness Champs Aquatics, all of which provide professional swimming lessons for children, including babies and toddlers.


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Ace Dolphin Swim School is one of the premier institutions in LessonPlan’s roster of courses.

An Associate Member of the Singapore Swimming Association, it’s been in operation for over 14 years, with periodic tests to gauge students’ abilities before granting them certificates.

Source: Ace Dolphin Swim School on Facebook

With over 1,000 swimming classes and 5,000 vacancies to choose from islandwide, you’ll have the absolute luxury of selecting the one that fits perfectly into you and your child’s schedule.

There are also plenty of land-based sports classes on LessonPlan, from taekwondo to tennis to golf, with expert coaches to impart their valuable knowledge.

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Perhaps attending these lessons will lead your child to discover their dream of becoming the country’s next superstar athlete, representing Singapore on the world stage.

Let kids explore their artistic sides with drawing & music

If your mini-me is more artistically than athletically inclined, this manga character drawing class by ComixGuru founder Ho See Kum may be right up their alley.

Source: ComixGuru

With two decades of teaching experience, Mr Ho has coined a nifty three-step system to seamlessly and beautifully create manga characters from scratch.

Source: ComixGuru

Whether your kid’s a huge anime fan or not, they’ll have a whale of a time exploring their creative side during the lessons.

What’s more, classes are held over Zoom, so those who are strapped for time don’t have to worry as they can simply attend from the comfort of home.

Another great way to express oneself is through music. Silversnow Music School, which is Ministry of Education (MOE) certified, offers classes in piano, violin, guitar, as well as both the western and Chinese flute on LessonPlan.

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For those whose instrument of choice is their own voice, opera singer and teacher Shaun Lee has lessons in opera singing, musical theatre singing, and pop singing for the budding diva in the family.

Who knows? Perhaps your child could be holding their very own concert one day.

Get 20% off your first LessonPlan class

With so many classes available on LessonPlan, you’ll probably find yourself stuck between multiple choices.

To help narrow down your options to the ones that best suit your needs, the platform lets you filter classes based on different factors like timing, location, and price range.

That way, you won’t end up booking something that’s way out of budget and requires you to travel from one end of the island to the other.

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Those who frequently scour through sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor before deciding to go somewhere would be glad to know that they can also read reviews from other parents to know whether a certain course is right for their kid.

Then, after you’ve made a decision, simply make payment online to secure the class and stamp it down in your calendar.

Parents who wish to keep up with their child’s classes may do so through LessonPlan’s attendance review system, which shows completed and upcoming lessons.

The instructors will be able to provide you with detailed reviews and feedback on your child’s progress as well.


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To sweeten the deal even further, LessonPlan has a 20% discount for the first 100 students who sign up for any class sitewide here with the promo code <LSX4LJ4L>.

Do note that it is only valid for the first 100 redemptions until 31 Dec, so you might wanna hurry up.

With new lessons and coaches coming on board all the time, you can stay on top of the latest updates by following LessonPlan on Facebook or dropping them a follow on Instagram.

For a full list of courses, check out the website here.

Uncover your child’s hidden talents

Children often develop their interests and abilities through experiences. Some of them may even possess hidden talents that don’t show up until they’re exposed to them.

By introducing kids to new things at a young age, they’ll have more time to develop themselves in a certain hobby or skill, or at the very least, determine what they’re keen to explore further.

And besides, since it’s the school holidays, signing up for an enrichment class would be a good way to keep your child occupied in a fruitful way instead of letting them spend all day in front of the TV.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with LessonPlan.

Featured image courtesy of LessonPlan and adapted from ComixGuru & LessonPlan.

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