Hong Kong Actresses Teresa Ha & Lily Leung Passed Away On 5 & 13 Aug Respectively

Times are tough for Hong Kong.

Apart from the city continuously reeling from widespread protests in recent months, those of us who find comfort in TVB shows are hit with grievous news.

Hong Kong’s beloved elderly actresses Teresa Ha and Lily Leung, both known for playing endearing ah ma roles, have passed away.

Lily Leung 梁舜燕

Teresa Ha 夏萍

Madam Ha passed away on 5 Aug. She was 81. Shortly after this devastating loss to Hong Kong’s entertainment industry, Madam Leung succumbed to cancer on Tuesday (13 Aug).

She was 90.

Lily Leung passed away surrounded by loved ones

According to Oriental Daily, Lily Leung rose to prominence as Hong Kong’s first generation of newscasters.

She was also among the industry’s first few TV artistes of her time.


TVB Entertainment News shared on Facebook an announcement regarding her death:

“Madam Lily Leung just passed away in the hospital on 13 Aug, 2019, surrounded by her loved ones, at the age of 90. 

I would like to thank the medical staff for their attentive care. I’m also grateful to everyone who showed their love for Lily jie*, and to those who immortalised her work spanning over 60 years.

We will release details of the funeral as soon as we’ve made the necessary arrangements.”

*Translated in English as big sister.

Lily Leung’s iconic roles

Lily Leung had starred in over 80 drama series throughout her stellar career. Some of her well-known titles include:

  • A Kindred Spirit 真情 (1995)
  • The Legend of Lady Yang 杨贵妃 (2000)
  • Healing Hands II 妙手仁心II (2000)
  • Heart of Greed 溏心风暴 (2007)

Madam Leung in Heart of Greed 

Madam Leung was conferred the Lifetime Acting Achievement Award in 2004’s TVB Anniversary Awards.

Teresa Ha’s health was rapidly deteriorating

Teresa Ha, a veteran actress with an illustrious career of over 60 years, died on 5 Aug. Though, news of her demise was only made public on Monday (12 Aug).


According to Hong Kong news portal Headline Daily, Madam Ha’s godson Gordon Lam, a well-known Hong Kong actor himself, said her health has been deteriorating rapidly for the past 6 months.

Madam Ha’s godson, Gordon Lam Ka Tung 林家栋

She had fallen down several times, and even suffered diabetes and stroke. In an interview with Hong Kong media shortly before her passing, Mr Lam said,

She’s been suffering for the past half year. She needed to depend on medicine to survive.

Lifetime Acting Achievement award winner

Madam Ha’s original name was Lu Shaoping. Born in Hong Kong, she had made a name for herself in numerous film and TV drama performances.

You may be familiar with some of the titles she starred in:

  • Burning Flame 烈火雄心 (1998)
  • Armed Reaction II 陀枪师姐 II (2000)
  • A Step into the Past 寻秦记 (2001)
  • Forensic Heroes 法证先锋 (2006)

A promotional poster of Forensic Heroes 法證先鋒 (2006)

In recognition of her achievements, Madam Ha won the Lifetime Acting Achievement Award in 2005’s TVB Anniversary Awards.

A great loss to Hong Kong’s entertainment industry

The passing of these 2 greats, Madam Ha and Madam Leung, will surely leave behind a gap in the hearts of many.

Even in Singapore, many of us are no strangers to these stars of yesteryear, thanks to the diverse roles they played in TVB dramas and films. We’ll surely miss seeing their kind, motherly smiles on screen.

MS News gives our deepest condolences to the actresses’ families.

Featured image adapted from Oriental Daily and Headline Daily