Hong Kong Protesters Step Up “Strikes” As 100 Flights Are Stopped & Traffic Jams Occur

Protests are heating up in Hong Kong on Monday (5 Aug) as protesters take more drastic actions to force a “city-wide strike”.

More than 100 flights have been cancelled at the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA), mostly Cathay Pacific and Hong Kong Airlines flights.

The Cathay Pacific Airways Flight Attendants Union posted a status update on Facebook, explaining their decision to strike.

“For more than 50 days, the government has been ignoring the people’s demands, using police force to suppress them. This has caused countless Hong Kong people to feel desperate”, reads a part of the statement.

During the morning peak-hour rush, train doors were forcibly held open by black-shirted protesters, causing train services to halt.


More strikes are ongoing in the afternoon, as a press conference by Chief Executive of Hong Kong Carrie Lam gave no indication of giving what the protesters want.

During the press conference, Lam warned of a “a very dangerous situation” unfolding as well as “escalating violence”.

She restated her stance on not stepping down, and pledged to maintain law and order in the city-state.


Lam has also refused to blame the police, who have come under siege for their usage of force on protesters.

As with other recent protests in the past week, tear gas is being fired at protesters and riot police are being deployed.

For more info about the protesters’ aims, you can check here.

Check in with your friends and loved ones

At the moment (5pm), Lung Cheung Road in Wong Tai Sin is a no-go, while other areas with reported disruption include:

  • Harcourt Road in Admiralty
  • Tin Shui Wai
  • Tai Po

While some MTR lines were stopped in the morning due to protests, MTR stations have resumed operations as of 5pm, 5 Aug.

The situation in Hong Kong is progressively intensifying with each passing day, and neither side is backing down.

For those who have friends or loved ones in Hong Kong, do check in with them and make sure they are okay.

And perhaps to not wear black or white shirts outdoors.

Featured image adapted from Twitter and Twitter.