Lucky Plaza Roasted Meat Stall Receives S$750 Payment Instead Of S$7.50, Looking To Refund Customer

Lucky Plaza Stall Receives S$750 Payment Via NETS, Customer May Have Keyed In Wrong Amount

Cashless modes of payment might be more convenient, but they also come with a new risk — incorrect payments made by mistake.

The owner of a roasted meat stall in Lucky Plaza received a S$750 payment from a customer when their order was believed to be S$7.50.

Source: Wang Fu Roasted on Facebook

He is now looking for the customer so he can refund them.

Lucky Plaza stall gets erroneous payment

In a Facebook post on Monday (11 Dec), Wang Fu Roasted said their Lucky Plaza outlet received an erroneous payment.

Somebody had paid them S$750 via NETS — which is many times more than the typical payments the stall would receive.

Source: Wang Fu Roasted on Facebook

They believe a customer had wanted to pay S$7.50, but keyed in the wrong amount.

Lucky Plaza stall trying to refund payment

Speaking to 8world News, stall owner Huang Guosheng (name transliterated from Mandarin) said the payment was made between 10.45am and 11.15am on Monday (11 Dec).

They made the post on Facebook in an attempt to track down the customer.

He also contacted NETS to try to process the refund directly through them, but was reportedly told that they don’t track customers nor process refunds.

Unclaimed refund will be donated to charity

If the customer doesn’t contact them after one week, they will adopt their “standard practice”, Mr Huang said.

That is, they’ll donate the amount to charity.

If you’re the customer or think you may know who they are, do contact Victor via the number stated in the Facebook post for a refund.

Kudos to Wang Fu Roasted for their honesty, and we hope the customer eventually gets his refund.

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Featured image adapted from Wang Fu Roasted on Facebook and Facebook.

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