Maggots Found In Soy Sauce At M’sia Sushi Restaurant, Customer Gets Diarrhoea That Night

Customer Finds Maggots In Soy Sauce Bottle At Sabah Sushi Restaurant, Says They Failed To Apologise

Needless to say, food hygiene is important for any F&B establishment, as no customer wants to find a pest in their food.

While dining at a sushi restaurant in Malaysia, a man was unfortunate enough to notice maggots in a soy sauce container — one he’d already used on his food.

Source: Azrul Razak on Facebook

He ended up suffering from stomachache and diarrhoea that very night.

Man visited Sabah sushi restaurant on 20 May

Sabah resident Azrul Razah related his ordeal in a lengthy Facebook post on Wednesday (24 May), starting when he visited a Sushi restaurant on 20 May.

According to videos he shared with his post, the establishment was Sushi Zanmai in Suria Sabah Shopping Mall, Kota Kinabalu.

Source: Azrul Razak on Facebook

He was initially excited to eat sushi, which he loves, said the customer.

Maggots seen in soy sauce container

However, his enjoyment was marred was he saw something moving in the corner of his eye.

It was a maggot writhing inside the container of soy sauce on the table.

Videos he shared showed at least two creepy-crawlies wriggling around, clearly alive, in the bottle.

Source: Azrul Razak on Facebook

Worse still, he said he had eaten the soy sauce from that bottle.

Customer claimed soy sauce on other tables not checked for maggots

When Mr Azrul told the waiter about it, he called for his supervisor, the customer said.

After the supervisor came, he allegedly didn’t say anything but just took the offending container away to be thrown away.

Unplacated, Mr Azrul asked the supervisor to check the soy sauce bottles on other tables, but was told that they were “okay”.

He waited a while to see if they would check the other tables, but they allegedly didn’t.

No apology was also offered, claimed the customer.

Manager apparently wasn’t around

Mr Azrul eventually went to the front counter to pay his bill and also asked to speak with the manager.

However, he was told that their manager wasn’t around.

Source: Azrul Razak on Facebook

Finally, Mr Azrul, who works in the medical field, flashed his health workers’ card and threatened to complain to the Sabah Health Department and the Kota Kinabalu Municipal Council.

He eventually left after failing to meet the manager but left his phone number behind.

The manager finally called him while he was on the road, apologising and asking whether he’d taken a photo or video.

But he allegedly didn’t have an answer as to what the hygiene standard operating procedure (SOP) was at the restaurant and why he wasn’t around.

The customer then informed him that a complaint to the authorities would be made.

Customer suffers from stomachache & diarrhoea that night

That night, Mr Azrul suffered from stomachache and diarrhoea after returning home.

The ordeal kept him up all night, he said, as he had to get up to use the toilet several times.

The next day, the restaurant called again to apologise. His wife picked up the phone and scolded them as he was still feeling the effects of diarrhoea.

Restaurant allegedly blames supplier

Mr Azrul learnt that the restaurant cleans and changes their soy sauce bottles twice a week, thus it was unlikely to be their fault.

They also said that the fault could lie with the supplier.

Incredulous, the customer felt that there was still the possibility that insects could lay eggs in the bottle.

Source: Azrul Razak on Facebook

He also questioned their staff training, wondering why they didn’t have the “common sense” to apologise on the spot.

Now, he doesn’t know whether he would want to return to any of their outlets or not.

Matter currently under investigation by the authorities

Mr Azrul has made a complaint to the relevant authorities, he said, and the case is under investigation.

He urged others who’ve had the same experience at the restaurant to file a report also.

This is so that the authorities can take further action, he added.

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Featured image adapted from Azrul Razak on Facebook.

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