Mahjong Table That Turns Into A Posh Dining Or Coffee Counter Available On TaoBao

The setting-up process for our weekly mahjong session with our kakis can be quite a chore. Besides preparing the tiles and chips, we also have to prep the chairs and in some cases, even refreshments too.

To make the process less tedious, some hardcore players have invested in an automatic mahjong table. But those tables typically stick out like a sore thumb and give other visitors the impression that they’re in a gambling addict’s den.

Thankfully, we’ve recently chanced upon a discreet automatic mahjong table that doubles as a posh dining or coffee counter, allowing us to hide our secret obsession.


Marble coffee table has hidden mahjong table

Like most other automatic mahjong tables, there’s no need for players to shuffle the tiles.


The table comes with a thick layer of felt to cushion the noise produced when you unwillingly throw a tile that allows someone else to win.

But here’s the best part. A posh marble top that covers the mahjong deck hides any evidence of it being a gambling accessory.

This table has a smart remote control that elevates it to 92 cm in height. The result is a convenient dining table for meals with the fam.


You can also set it at its lowest level — 56cm in height. That way, you’ll end up with an atas marble coffee table, perfect for tea time with your mum and aunties.


Mahjong table has smart functions

The marble electronic mahjong table comes with a smart voice control feature for basic commands like “shuffle the cards”.

A built-in USB port even lets players charge their phones while ‘refilling’ their wallets.


The velvet countertop is also dust and waterproof, allowing homeowners to clean with ease.

Available on Taobao

The mahjong table is available on Taobao from S$626 (3000 Yuan).


Though it doesn’t come cheap, it’ll likely hide your gambling addiction from those who do not need to know — you’ll probably have to come up with an excuse for the drawers though.

Hide your gambling obsessions from judgemental relatives

Playing mahjong with our kakis can be very relaxing after a long day of work — especially if you’re on a winning streak.

However, not everyone needs to know about your gambling obsession, especially friends or relatives who are quick to judge.

If you have always wanted to buy an automatic mahjong table that’s extra discreet, this is one that you may want to consider.

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Featured image adapted from Taobao