No More Home Quarantine For Returning M’sians & Foreigners Starting 24 Jul

Malaysia will be reintroducing quarantine at facilities from Friday (24 Jul) onwards as many are breaking their stay-home orders, Senior Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob said.

This will apply to both Malaysians returning as well as foreigners, and they must pay for their stay at these facilities, Channel NewsAsia reports.

After lifting the requirement last month and going into a recovery period reopening the country, cases have largely remained stable. There were 21 new cases on 20 Jul.

Irresponsible actions caused quarantine reversal

In explaining why Malaysia is reimposing quarantines at facilities, Mr Ismail Sabri said that many had broken home quarantine rules.


Some people were spotted at restaurants wearing wristbands which mark them as under quarantine, Malay Mail reported.

They must remain at home for the duration of their 14-day quarantine.

Failure to do so will not only result in a fine of S$325.90 (RM1,000) but also risk spreading Covid-19 to others in the community.

Mr Ismail Sabri called their actions extremely irresponsible.

No swab tests needed before return for citizens

As part of the new rules, Malaysians coming back from abroad need not take a swab test at the country of departure 3 days before their flight.


This is still a requirement for foreigners, however.

Be responsible, no matter your country of residence

Whether you’re Malaysian, Singaporean or someone of any other nationality, it is extremely important to obey quarantine rules.

Otherwise, all the efforts to keep Covid-19 at bay will go to waste because of a few bad actors.

A 14-day quarantine at home is definitely a privilege but now, those returning from overseas must foot the bill at a hotel or facility.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.