Malaysia Enters Recovery Phase On 10 Jun, Those Going Back Can Do 14-Day Home Quarantine

Malaysia Will Enter Recovery Phase After Local Cases Drop To Single Digits

Malaysia Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin announced on Sunday (7 Jun) that the country will exit its Movement Control Order (MCO) on 10 Jun, transitioning into a “Recovery Phase”.

Announcing that Malaysia has contained Covid-19, Mr Muhyiddin said the country will now open up gradually until 31 Aug.

Most of its current cases are apparently from immigration detention centres, while local cases have dropped to single digits. As of Saturday (6 Jun), there were 8,303 cases and 117 deaths.

Returning Malaysians can do home quarantine

Citizens going back to Malaysia will now be allowed to serve their quarantine at home for 14 days after testing negative for Covid-19, according to Channel NewsAsia (CNA).

Previously, they had to go to a quarantine centre and foot half the bill for their stay.

There’s currently no word yet on non-citizens who wish to enter Malaysia. Singaporeans will have to wait for news regarding this.

Nearly all activities to reopen in phases

While schools haven’t reopened in Malaysia, almost everything else will be allowed again during the recovery phase.

This includes social, educational, business and religious activities.

On the matter of schools, the government appears to be monitoring the situation.

Malaysians may be allowed to travel to Singapore soon

Singapore will definitely be keeping a close watch on Malaysia’s progress, as more than 300,000 workers travelled into the island daily before they imposed their lockdown.

If they successfully manage to contain the virus, it’s possible that Malaysians will be allowed back through the Causeway, although we don’t know if the same will be applied to Singaporeans.

The good news is that Malaysians won’t need to go to a quarantine centre after coming home, which means they can be reunited with family.

Featured image adapted from Prime Minister’s Office Malaysia & Johor Transport.

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