Man Fined $2,000 After Driving Off With Friend Attached To Windscreen

Guy clings onto windscreen for joyride to police station

Look out of your window the next time your are in the taxi and you might just catch something amazing like this.

Last October, Haresh Govindaraju was precariously clinging onto the windscreen of a moving car, driven by his friend Murali Krishnan Naidu. This was no prank or joke, but a desperate attempt by Haresh to get his money back.

What happened

Murali, manager of a credit company, apparently owed Haresh and some friends money, according to local reports. So Haresh, together with his friends visited King Albert Park condo where Murali lives. While waiting, they saw Naidu sneak off with his wife and son in a car. Haresh ran towards the car and the trio tried to intercept the driver.

cling1_0Haresh demonstrates how he tried to stop the car

But Murali drove off to avoid confrontation. Haresh and his two frends hurled vulgarities at Murali’s wife and Haresh leapt onto the bonnet of the car, holding on the the windscreen.


Murali then decided to drive 5km to Bukit Batok Neighbourhood Police Post, with his friend semi-blocking his view on the road. Haresh was still on the bonnet when they arrived at the police station.

The police were unamused at Haresh’s antics, and after several warnings, he got off the car unhurt.

Murali on the other hand, was fined $2,000 and banned from driving for nine months. He received his sentence today. He also still owes Haresh some money.

Watch the whole video here.

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Featured image via AsiaOne
With references from The Straits Times

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