Elderly Man Falls While Crossing Jurong Road, Driver & GrabFood Rider Stop To Help Him Up

Elderly Man Falls On Jurong Road Divider, 2 Strangers Come To His Rescue

As we grow older, our bodies naturally get weaker, making us more prone to falls and other injuries.

Recently, an elderly man was attempting to cross the road in Jurong when he fell near a road divider.

Thankfully, a GrabFood rider and another driver nearby helped him up and held him as he crossed the remaining section of the road.


GrabFood rider & driver help elderly man in Jurong

On Friday (19 Mar), a GrabFood rider who goes by the handle @johngemok on TikTok shared a clip of the incident.

Going by the surroundings, the incident appears to have taken place along Jurong East Ave 1, near the entrance to Jurongville Secondary School.


In the clip, John explained that he was travelling along the road when he saw an elderly uncle “going to the ground slowly”.


The elderly man was apparently attempting to cross the road prior to the fall.

Seeing what was transpiring before his eyes, the GrabFood rider made a U-turn and parked his bike near a footpath before alighting and heading over to help the uncle.


When he checked on the uncle to see if he was doing okay, the man replied, “Takpe takpe” in Malay, which translates to, “It’s okay”.


As the rider tried to help the uncle to his feet, another driver stopped his vehicle and assisted the elderly man.


The elderly man was holding several small plastic bags that appear to contain food or groceries.

Slowly, the senior rose to his feet, and with the help of the 2 Good Samaritans, eventually managed to make his way to the other side of the road.


Kudos to the 2 men for helping

Kudos to the GrabFood rider and driver for stopping to assist the elderly man. We’re sure that he was immensely grateful for their help.

We hope the senior was not injured as a result of the incident and managed to reach home safely.

As Singapore’s population rapidly ages, we can imagine such incidents happening more frequently. Let’s hope members of the public will be equally gracious and help our elderly folk whenever they’re in need.

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Featured image adapted from TikTok

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