Man In China Chills In Fridge To Escape Heat As Daily Temperature Exceeds 35°C

Man Nonchalantly Sits In Fridge To Keep Cool In China Heat

When the heatwave hits, most of us down bottles of cold drinks or stay indoors where there are fans or aircons. A man in Guangdong, China, took it to the next level by sitting in a fridge instead.

Source: 环球网 on Xiaohongshu

He even had a small pink stool, which he sat on while looking at his phone.

Young man sits on stool in fridge in China

According to a repost of the video on Weibo, the sighting occurred on 31 May in Guangdong, China.

The clip that lasted only eight seconds showed the seemingly young man sitting on a pink stool in an empty section of a fridge.

Just beside him in the same fridge were shelves of beverages, much like what we’d see in convenience stores.

For much of the video, the young man stared intently at the phone in his hands until he noticed someone recording him.

Source: 环球网 on Xiaohongshu

He then looked up, smiled, pushed the refrigerator door open slightly with his knee, before letting it swing back close.

It’s unclear if the fridge is indeed in a store and if the man is an employee there.

Unusually high temperatures in parts of China

At the time of the incident, parts of China including Guangdong apparently recorded historically high temperatures.

According to Global Times, temperatures hit 35°C and above in multiple provinces, with Sichuan and Guangdong even issuing their first high temperature red alerts this year.

Teller Report cited the Guangdong Meteorological Bureau who predicted that many cities would record temperatures of up to 37°C in the first few days in June.

Knowing the weather situation there, one can understand why the young man resorted to such desperate measures to keep cool.

We hope that he didn’t obstruct anyone or cause any inconvenience with his actions and got the relief he needed from the heat.

Will you be considering such drastic methods to cope with the heat when the weather gets warmer here too? Share your ideas in the comments.

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Featured image adapted from 环球网 on Xiaohongshu.

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