Man Visits Supreme KTV On 7 Jul, Tells Wife He’s Working Overtime

There has been a recent surge in Covid-19 cases, largely due to the growing KTV cluster in Singapore.

To curb the spread of infections, the Ministry of Health offers free Covid-19 tests for patrons of KTV lounges.

Free Covid-19 Testing For Those Who Socialised With Hostesses At 3 KTV Lounges

But for one man, getting tested might be tricky as he told his wife he was working overtime when he visited Supreme KTV lounge.

Now the man is in a dilemma about how he should explain his situation to his wife.

Man tells wife he’s working OT before visiting KTV lounge

On 7 Jul evening, the man visited Supreme KTV lounge but told his wife that he was working overtime.


Unexpectedly, the KTV became part of a growing Covid-19 cluster, requiring patrons to get tested.

According to Lianhe Wanbao, the man shared on social media that he received a message from the Ministry of Health (MOH) on Wednesday (14 Jul), informing him to get a swab test.

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The message also asked him to monitor his health and minimise social interactions for 14 days since his visit there.

Panicking, the man asked on social media how he was supposed to tell his wife about this.

Netizens advise him to come clean

Many had a good laugh about the man’s predicament, saying he was in for some harsh scolding.


This netizen said in jest that if his wife learnt the truth, his survival rate would be significantly lower than the survival rate of getting infected with Covid-19.

man ktv wifeSource

Ultimately, many netizens advised him to come clean and be honest with his wife.


Get tested to protect your loved ones

The clandestine nature of KTV lounges might make it challenging for many to admit to their family members that they have visited the affected locations.

Nonetheless, it is crucial to get tested to ensure the safety of your loved ones and the community.

So it might be wise to bite the bullet and come clean. We certainly wish the man all the best!

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