Marina Bay Sands Lights Up To Cheer S’pore On, Brings Hope We Need During ‘Circuit Breaker’

Marina Bay Sands Lights Display Will Be On For Every Night Of The Month

As the Covid-19 outbreak intensifies in Singapore, frontline workers continue to make sacrifices to keep the virus under control.

Many Singaporeans have since shown their appreciation for these workers, from clapping initiatives to a mama store with free necessities for healthcare workers.

S’poreans Give NUH Staff Free Food & Supplies At Pop-Up Mama Shop Outside Hospital

One towering figure synonymous with our nation’s pride recently joined these efforts.

Marina Bay Sands (MBS), normally illuminated only by the lights from its hotel rooms, brings an uplifting display of lights to cheer Singapore on amid the Covid-19 outbreak.


Marina Bay Sands ‘float’ has projection of Singapore flag

According to The Straits Times, the light displays started on Friday (10 Apr) and will be on every night for the month of April from 7.30-11pm.


The message behind the “SG ♥️ ” display is as simple as it gets, expressing love for the nation and hope that we’ll eventually overcome the obstacle.


In the words of folks from Paul Town, Senior Vice President of MBS,

Hope doesn’t cease, and we wish to spread the message of positivity through this display of lights.

Each letter and symbol occupies 1 tower, forming an impressive light display for those around the area.


Additionally, the Singapore flag has also been projected on the ‘float’ atop the trident of towers.


The ArtScience Museum building, which resembles a lotus, also has the #SGUnited message shone onto its facade, urging Singaporeans to come together in this fight against the mighty foe.


Don’t head out just to take a picture of the light display

Even though the light display makes for a good addition to your Instagram feed, we hope you’ll think twice before venturing out just to snap a picture.

We know staying home for prolonged periods of time can be torturous, but at this point in time, that’s the best we can do to keep the outbreak under control.

Featured image adapted from Instagram

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