Marsiling Hawker Stall Posts Grumpy Replies To Bad Reviews, Says Negative Feedback Is ‘Groundless’

Marsiling Hawker Stall Replies Defensively To Bad Reviews On GrabFood

In the age of GrabFood delivery and social media, F&B businesses should now be used to receiving honest feedback from customers, especially if it’s negative.

The operator of a hawker stall in Marsiling, however, seems to have lost their patience with bad reviews over GrabFood.

The stall has responded to many of them with grumpy and defensive replies, gaining notoriety over the Internet.

Source: Foursquare

When interviewed, the owner’s daughter said that most of the negative feedback is “groundless”.

Marsiling hawker stall has average of 4.6 stars

The stall in question is listed on the GrabFood app simply as “Muslim Food Stall”, which serves local and Malaysian fare and fried chicken.

Its ratings are actually fairly good, with an average of 4.6 stars across 2,872 reviews as of Sunday (3 Sep).

Source: GrabFood app

According to the address listed, the physical stall is located in Block 21 Marsiling Lane, which is Marsiling Lane Market & Food Centre.

Marsiling hawker stall gives feisty replies to feedback

While most of the stall’s reviews are good, those that are negative get feisty responses.

To a complaint that the sambal sotong was salty, they curtly advised the customer, “don’t buy lah“.

Source: GrabFood app

Sometimes, they would dismiss the complaint, saying that they’ve not received other complaints.

Source: GrabFood app

Occasionally, they would threaten to cancel should the customer order from them again.

Source: GrabFood app

A customer who claimed they didn’t get peanut gravy was challenged to prove that they didn’t get it.

Source: GrabFood app

One bad review received a longer combination of some of these responses, with the stall justifying that they’ve sold 30 portions of the dish with no problems and telling the customer not to patronise them any more. They also advised them to “sendiri masak” (cook yourself).

Source: GrabFood app

Stall challenges customers to ‘cook yourself’

Speaking of cooking yourself, that’s also another theme for the hawker stall as they seemingly believe that customers should try to cook the food themselves before they complain.

Source: GrabFood app

They apparently believe some customers need a lesson in food preparation, sometimes giving detailed explanations and once telling the complainant to “study about fish” first.

Source: GrabFood app

Another time, they implied the customer was being picky over the tenderness of their food.

Source: GrabFood app

Confoundingly, when a customer complained that they didn’t get gravy and sambal goreng with their food, the stall said the “60-year-old man” who packed the food was recovering from illness. They also said they would add the customer’s name to the reject list.

Source: GrabFood app

Stall accused customers of not brushing teeth

Most, amusingly of all, a few of the stall’s replies accused customers of having poor oral hygiene.

For example, to a complainant who described the food as bland, they said she “never brush teeth”.

Source: GrabFood app

Another customer was told that they had “ah kong teeth” and they needed to visit the dentist.

Source: GrabFood app

They also told a customer in Malay that they wanted to shut down their Grab account because people like to complain and asked them, “Never brush your teeth ah?”

Source: GrabFood app

Marsiling hawker stall owner’s daughter was behind the replies

After the stall’s grumpy replies went viral over social media, the owner’s daughter was interviewed by Shin Min Daily News.

The 32-year-old woman named only as Hani professed to be the one behind the responses.

She posted these sassy comebacks as many negative reviews were actually “groundless”, she said.

If customers gave suggestions politely, she would also respond politely, she added.

Stall has been operating since the 70s

Hani said her elderly parents have been operating the stall since the 70s.

Source: Google Maps

It pains her to see the hardship they have to endure, she said, and this could also explain why she doesn’t react cheerfully to bad reviews.

Her mother decided to join GrabFood about three years ago in order to make it easier for those with reduced mobility to buy food.

Hopefully, customers don’t take the responses too badly.

In 2022, a café in Orchard Central came under fire from netizens for giving savage replies to one-star reviews on Google.

S’pore Café Gives Savage Replies To 1-Star Google Reviews, Claims They’re Defending Innocent Staff

The café has since ceased operations in the mall.

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