McDonald’s Philippines’ Milk Tea McFloat Comes In 2 Flavours

Jollibee, the Philippines-based fast food chain is famous for brilliantly incorporating Asian elements into Western fares like fried chicken and chips.

Now, McDonald’s Philippines too has seemingly found the secrets to ‘tailoring’ traditionally Western cuisine for the Asian tastebuds.

Recently, the Philippines subsidiary of The Golden Arches launched Milk Tea McFloat complete with Brown Sugar Pearls.


And we bet you must be asking, “eh sian, why Singapore don’t have?”

McDonald’s Philippines has Milk Tea McFloat for S$2 per cup

The Milk Tea McFloat was first introduced in McDonald’s Philippines earlier this May.


However, it lacked a key quintessential topping that truly makes BBT ‘whole’ — tapioca pearls.

Fast-forward 4 months and the folks over at McDonald’s Philippines have seemingly caught wind of their consumers’ groans.

Now, the new Milk Tea McFloat comes with brown sugar pearls, and if pictures are anything to go by, the servings are pretty generous.


Milk Tea McFloat available in classic & wintermelon flavours

Apart from them succulent pearls, the Milk Tea McFloat is also topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, so rest assured, you’re surely going to get your sugar fix satisfied.

The zhng-ed up Milk Tea McFloat is available in 2 variants:

  • Classic Milk Tea McFloat
  • Wintermelon Milk Tea McFloat

But if you thought that’s all to it, you haven’t heard the best part yet. Each cup of the sinful beverage is going for just S$2 (₱75). 


Give it a try if you’re in the Philippines

So if you’re one who can’t live without bubble tea and happen to be in the Philippines, why not give it a try?

You can check out the list of McDonald’s outlets in the Philippines here.

That said, do consume these drinks in moderation. Because while they may be sweet-tasting, they are highly caloric and may be bad for your health if consumed excessively.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Manila Insider