Free McGriddles Hoodies Sold On Carousell For At Least $100

Limited Edition McGriddles Hoodie Sold Online

The much anticipated return of McGriddles left many Singaporeans scurrying to get their hands on the McDonald’s breakfast classic.

This time, they’re not only dying to sink their teeth into the burger but also the stylish and exclusive McGriddles hoodies that came with it for free.

Only 100 pieces available

Free stuff? This truly sounds like every Singaporean’s dream!


These exclusive 100 hoodies were only available at the Springleaf Tower outlet.

We’ve heard about Singaporeans queuing for Ed Sheeran tickets, iPhone X and Krispy Kreme’s $1 donuts, but a McGriddles hoodie?

Resilient Singaporeans waited for as long as 12 hours from 10pm even though sales only started at 10am.

Hoodies sold on Carousell

For those who missed the deal, Carousell is probably the best alternative — if you have a S$100 to spare.

People are selling the hoodie which should be for free on Carousell for pretty high prices.

The prices range from around S$100 to S$325.


Most of them are still sealed in the boxes. At least you can be assured that the hoodies won’t be reeking of someone’s sweat.


This is yet another opportunity for the ‘hypebeasts’ out there to get their hands on limited edition merch.

Team McHoodie or McGriddles?

We know where our priorities lie and have our eyes set on the official launch for McGriddles!

If you are Team McHoodie but didn’t manage to get one, just think of it this way. For the price of a McHoodie that costs $300, you can get 50 McGriddles meals instead!

We will let you weigh the pros and cons.

Featured Image from McDonald’s Singapore and Carousel.

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