Mercedes Malaysia’s “Fail” Ad Without An Ending Makes No Sense

The Best Or Nothing?

Many are familiar with Mercedes-Benz’s slogan — The Best Or Nothing. In this case, it seems like Mercedes-Benz Malaysia was going for… nothing.

A recent advertisement it ran for the Chinese New Year also happened to plug their cars’ Active Parking Assist feature, but left most who saw it perplexed instead.

Watch the video below to find out more:



No Link? 



Yes bro, we feel the same way. What does the car have to do with his relationship with his brother? What is the relevance of the car’s Active Parking Assist to Chinese New Year or anything else that’s happening in the video? If there’s a link, we are not seeing it, and we are not the only ones.

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia CNY_comment funny no. 1

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia CNY_comment funny no. 2

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia CNY_comment funny no. 3


So What Happened? 

If the aim of the video was to confuse, we can safely say Mercedes-Benz Malaysia has achieved that aim. No one likes cliffhangers, but Mercedes-Benz Malaysia decides to take it to a whole new level– have a cliffhanger with no sequel or explanation whatsoever.

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia CNY_confused gif_cliffhanger2


The Chinese New Year wishes at the end hints at a happy reunion between the brothers, but we think this Facebook user’s inference makes more sense:

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia CNY_comment funny kungfu


Hands In The Air

More laughably, the guy who is sitting in the front passenger seat also raises his hands to indicate that the Active Parking Assist is working its magic – even though he is obviously not driving and where his hands are doesn’t make any difference.

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia CNY_cover photo_active parking assistant_hands up


Reputation Suffers

As the luxury brand out of  all car brands, it seems like Mercedes Benz Malaysia is losing some of its fans after this low quality video stint.

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia CNY_comment bad reputation 3

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia CNY_comment bad reputation 2

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia CNY_comment bad reputation



And of course, what’s a fail Facebook post without overreacting, oversensitive netizens?


Really? The auto-park feature is insulting to female drivers? We’re sure we saw the male passenger raising his hands too. Now,what does that mean?

Not Alone 

The luxury car company can also breathe a sigh of relief as Mercedes-Benz Malaysia is not the first to do a fail video — Mediacorp is the true pioneer of utterly fail videos that go viral.


At the very least, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia can give itself a pat on the back for some serious outreach and publicity. It’s not every day you get 201,000 views and more than a thousand shares over Facebook.

But please, Mercedes, fire your advertising company.

Featured image from YouTube

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