Mickey Mouse EZ-Charm Available In Selected Coffee Bean Outlets At $29.90

A good ol’ Mickey Mouse merch is as timeless as its titular Disney character. After all, Mickey Mouse has been around for 90 years and it’s hard imagining a childhood without him.

This time, you can crystallise your love for this adorable rodent in the form of an EZ-charm, freshly released and ready for purchase.


The Mickey Mouse EZ-charm is made out of leather – ooh, posh – and costs $29.90 each. You can get them from selected The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf outlets islandwide.

EZ-Link releases Mickey Mouse EZ-charm

EZ-Link has been hard at work at capturing our love for childhood favourites, from Pokémons and Marvel heroes, till more recently, Harry Potter. Our hearts say yes, but bank accounts say no. 

There’s only so much temptation you can ward off, but if your heart has decided Mickey Mouse is worth the splurge, the EZ-charms have just been released on Friday (18 Oct).


They’re on sale for $29.90 each, and you can get your hands on them at selected The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf outlets.

Some of the popular outlets in town like Bugis, Orchard and Plaza Singapura are hot areas you can flock to. You can check out the full list here.

Fast game for Mickey Mouse fans

In EZ-Link’s Facebook post, several fans have already proudly purchased them and they can’t wait to show how the Mickey Mouse EZ-charm looks like up close.

According to this comment, you can get it at SingPost too, apparently.


Here’s a closer look at the EZ-charm so you can scrutinise the details — even down to the stitching of Mickey Mouse’s iconic red pants.


The leather looks pretty good quality too.

Someone’s little girl seems super cheery holding 2 pieces of the highly coveted EZ-charm. Aww.


Already sold out at multiple outlets

Before you head down to your nearest Coffee Bean café, you might wanna keep a close eye on the comments thread for a bit. Some are saying the product is already sold out at certain oulets.

Not all hope is lost. Disney fans are also looking out for each other, notifying which outlets still have the EZ-charms in stock.

So, do head down ASAP and hopefully, you’ll get to be one of those commentors who get to show off their love for Mickey Mouse on social media real soon. Oh boy, oh boy!

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.