This Eevee EZ-Charm Out On 30 May Will Have You Screaming ‘I Choose You’ At The MRT Gantry

The Eevee EZ-Charm Will Be Out At Buzz Convenience Stores Islandwide On 30 May

In the realm of never-ending EZ-Link charm releases, mark our words when we say Eevee is next in line to steal your hearts as a starter Pokémon.

Enter, the ridiculously adorable Eevee EZ-Charm.

Prepare your paper bags in case you hyperventilate for their Thursday (30 May) launch. We’re sure the release will definitely give Pikachu fans a run for their money.

Eevee EZ-Charm, I choose you

Eevee is a curious creature in the Pokémon world, as its DNA is pliable & responsive to all types of evolution stones.

In the same vein, the brown tones of this hardy keychain will definitely match any bag, wallet or pouch you’re planning to hang your Eevee on.

We love the incredible details on the embroidering on the ears of the foxy mascot, not forgetting the wee little paw pads.

Comes with mobile phone adaptor & metal keyring

Do note that the keychain is large enough to fit right in the palm of your hand, so you can start planning on where is an appropriate place to hang it.

The faux-leather feel of the surface, also adds a hardiness to the material. Especially since it’s easier to clean a flat surface when the charm eventually does get dirty.

As per the drill, the keychain comes with a stretchy mobile phone adaptor and metal keyring so you can decide how you want to hang it.

Valid for 3 years, but forever in your hearts

These EZ-Charms are valid for 3 years, from the date of your first top-up.

You can get them at Buzz convenience stores for S$29.90 a piece and come loaded with absolutely no prepaid value.

EZ-Link tells us that they’ll be available progressively from 30 May, but we’d strongly recommend checking in on the first day of the release since these charms will definitely be sold out quickly.

You can top them up anywhere you add value to your EZ-Link cards, so feel free to take your Eevee out for a spin from the east to west coast of Singapore.

Eevee, I choose you

If this is just a teaser for all future EZ-Link Pokémon releases, we’re honestly already anticipating the next designs they have up their sleeves.


Train rides don’t have to be dreary when you have a Pokémon companion to ride alongside you.

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He was just trying to summon his Eevee.

Featured image from MS News.

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