Snorlax EZ-Link Charms Launch On 10 Dec & They’re Cuter Than Pikachu

Snorlax EZ-Link Charms Sold On Lazada From 10 Dec

First came Pikachu EZ-link charms.

Then came the Tsum Tsum Chip ‘N Dale charms that took the Internet by storm.


Now, EZ-Link has outdone themselves again with an adorable Snorlax charm that’ll definitely make you love your rides a little more.

Dying to know the details? EZ-Link left a cryptic note for host and personality Fauzi, who received the charm way in advance.

Here’s what it said.

Dear Fauzi,

Here’s a little gift for you because we know you love Pokemon!

The limited edition Snorlax EZ-Charm will be on sale for $29.90 on Lazada Marketplace from 10 December. EZ-Charm works like an ez-link card, which you can use to tap and pay on public transport. It can also be used for taxis, dining and retail outlets where EZ-Link is accepted.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas in advance!

The EZ-Link team

Launching on 10 Dec via Lazada

MS News understands from Fauzi that limited quantities of the charm will be launched online islandwide on 10 Dec via Lazada Marketplace.

Submitted by @mynameisfauzi

For $29.90 a piece, you’ll be able to get your hands on a cute alternative to your regular EZ-link cards.

Now you can literally be the best Pokemon train-er — like no one ever was.

You snooze, you don’t lose

Fauzi also shared an unboxing video on Instagram to thousands of his jealous followers, attesting to the quality and certified cuteness of the charm.

Submitted by @mynameisfauzi

Submitted by @mynameisfauzi

The charm will be valid for 3 years, and you’ll be able to dangle it from your phones using one of two methods.

Submitted by @mynameisfauzi

Choose between the keychain’s white string or a plug for the phone jack.

Charmed by Snorlax

These charms are designed after Snorlax, a lazy sloth-like Pokemon that loves to snack as much as it loves to snooze.


Just like an EZ-Link card, the charm may be used on buses, trains, and retail outlets that accept EZ-link payment.

Simply top up your charm as you would your regular card at 30,000 EZ-Link acceptance points across the island.

First come, first served

Do note that these charms are usually sold without any prepaid value.

As with previous launches, they also tend to sell out extremely fast, so may the clicking odds be ever in your favour.


BRB, while we smash the F5 button on EZ Link’s Facebook page for more updates.

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Featured image from Fauzi on Instagram.

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