S’pore TikToker Makes Milo Fried Rice & Maggi, Viewers Tag Uncle Roger For Help

TikToker Cooks Fried Rice & Maggi With Milo Powder

We’ve all bought packets of Milo in supermarkets to stock up at home for those times when we need a comforting warm beverage.

Instead of the conventional method, one man decided to use Milo powder a different way, by adding it to his fried rice and Maggi.

On 2 Feb, Singapore TikToker @ewjeans uploaded a clip of him doing just that.
@ewjeansmilo fried rice, u ask it u get it!♬ L o s a m o – ⌗ Gaby ! ᜊ

To satisfy a viewer’s request, he even made a second attempt — this time mixing it with some Maggi noodles.
Many viewers have since commented on his wild food experiments, with some tagging self-proclaimed fried rice expert Uncle Roger for help.

Man adds Milo powder to fried rice

On 2 Feb, TikToker @ewjeans or Eugene shared a video of him whipping up a dish that he dubs “Milo Fried Rice”.

He first displays the ingredients which include a bowl of white rice, a generous amount of garlic, onion, and scallions. A bonus ingredient appears at the end — a 3-in-1 Milo sachet.


Eugene then begins frying the vegetables in some oil, as one would normally do when making fried rice.

milo fried riceSource

He adds the white rice in, before adding an egg to the mix.


The most peculiar ingredient appears soon after, as Eugene proceeds to sprinkle a good amount of Milo powder into the wok, tossing everything together like a seasoned cook.

milo fried riceSource

Upon plating the brown dish, he tries a mounting spoonful of his creation.

milo fried riceSource

We’re unsure of what his verdict is, but judging by a subsequent, similar attempt with Maggi noodles, it may not be that bad.

Tries strange recipe again with Maggi noodles

Eugene’s “Milo fried rice” recipe apparently got enough attention that viewers wanted to see more, with some requesting alternative carbs he can use.

On 7 Feb, Eugene fulfilled one of his follower’s requests for Milo with Maggi noodles.

He posted another video of him adding Milo powder to some fried Maggi or Maggi goreng this time.

maggi miloSource

Gobbling down a mouthful of the brown noodles, he manages a thumbs up at the end, indicating that the recipe was a success.

milo maggiSource

Concerned netizens tag Uncle Roger for help

Many viewers, probably appalled by his creations, expressed their displeasure, with some claiming that the TikTok video was “really painful to watch”.


Another user joked that their grandma threw a shoe at their phone, likely because she was upset upon seeing the odd recipe.


Several users tagged Uncle Roger, seeking his opinion and help with the fried rice, which he has claimed to be well-versed in.


We’re unsure if the Internet’s favourite uncle has noticed the video, but we can imagine that he’d have a lot to say about Eugene’s fried rice.

Questionable combination of flavours

No doubt, these unique dishes have piqued the curiosity of many viewers.

But we believe the very odd flavour combination will leave many people thinking twice and inspire many hilarious comments from Uncle Roger.

Would you be bold enough to try making a Milo fried rice or Maggi goreng?

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Featured image adapted from @ewjeans on TikTok.

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