Xiaomi Mini Aircon Uses Iced Water To Keep You Cool, No More Sibling Fights Over The Fan

Xiaomi Mini Aircon Uses Iced Water To Keep You Cool, Charges With A USB

Between the gloomy skies and thundery showers at night, it’s been a pretty hot and humid May.

If you’re a good, law-abiding Singaporean like you should be, you’d have probably spent most of the month at home, fighting over the fan with the fam.

Seeing as we’ll have at least another month of staying home after the ‘Circuit Breaker’, it looks like we’ll have to deal with a few more weeks of squabbling about who the fan should point at.

Don’t bang your head on the table just yet, we may have found a solution to this — Xiaomi’s Microhoo USB aircon which uses iced water to produce cool air.


Xiaomi mini aircon powered with portable charger

You won’t have to worry about utility bills with this nifty little gadget — it uses iced water to keep you cool instead.


All you have to do is charge it up with a USB pod or plug it in with an extension cord.


Alternatively, you could connect it to your laptop and enjoy the refreshing breeze while on your Zoom conference call.

Weighs just above 1kg

According to the product details on Lazada, the mini aircon weighs slightly over 1kg and can produce air as cool as 13°C

It’s just 18cm tall and around 20cm wide too — perfect for tabletops.


1 litre of water and a full charge gives it a maximum working time of 5 hours, which is a bargain since it costs just $46 on Lazada or $39.90 on Qoo10.

Perfect workout or study buddy

With a 4.1 star rating and a compact size, the Xiaomi Microhoo USB air-con could be your best impulse buy during the ‘Circuit Breaker’ yet.


It’d be a great addition to your workout or study space, so why not drop the 40-odd dollars and get one of these delivered to your doorstep today.

After all, if it can stop sibling rivalries and help you save money in the long run, it’s definitely worth the investment.

Featured image adapted from TheHumbleRich

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