Artist Makes Mini Models Of Classic Snacks & Places, They Remind Us Of Olden Day S’pore

Johor-Based Artist Evokes Nostalgia With Mini Models Of Old School Items

All it takes is a tin of biscuits and a bike loaded with snacks to remind us of those happy and carefree days. As they become rarer sights these days, miniscule replicas help keep the memory alive.

With this mission in mind, self-taught miniature artist Pui Wan Lim transforms real places and objects from the past into keepsakes 1/12th of their original size.


Ah gong and ah ma will surely smile when you show them this model of a vintage kitchen cupboard, which will bring back memories.

Works include mini models of famous childhood snacks

In a Facebook post on 31 Dec 2020, PicoWorm creator Pui Wan introduced miniatures of snacks and places familiar to Malaysia.

But since Singapore shares a common and similar history, most of us can recognise the objects too.

These mini metal tins will take you back to the days when iced gem biscuits were the most exciting sweet treats a child can get.


A common sight in old school minimarts and convenience stores, they make great containers, but remain one of the hardest things to pry open.

Some of us may remember queuing up by a snack bike like this after school, ready to get our hands on a packet of Super Rings or Chicken Rings.


The packets’ sheen as well as intricate print details make them look so real, showcasing the attention to detail.

Self-proclaimed history enthusiast uses art to preserve heritage

On PicoWorm’s official website, Pui Wan says that by creating and hand-sculpting every piece of her work, she infuses the miniatures with much effort and enthusiasm.

According to NeoCha, the self-proclaimed history enthusiast wants to do her part in helping the younger generation remember their heritage.

For example, this goldfish-on-a-stick reminds us of the lanterns we learnt to make in art class.


Bringing these lanterns out and walking around with our families during the Mid-Autumn Festival are some of the fondest childhood memories.

Through experimenting with different materials and recyclables, these delicate works of art can be made from clay, wood, foam board and paper.

Stroll down memory lane with these mini-keepsakes

Although history can be a boring subject for many, Pui Wan’s custom-made mini models make the past more fun and lively to reminisce.

As our surroundings change quickly with the times, we’re glad that people are making an effort to preserve elements of our history.

This way, not only can those from previous generations reminisce, the younger ones can learn something too.

You can check out more of her work on her website here.

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