MOH Won’t Release Daily Covid-19 Statements From 7 Dec As Delta Wave Is Subsiding

Infection Statistics Will Still Be Updated On MOH Website Every Day

Since Covid-19 cases started cropping up in Singapore in early 2020, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has been dutifully informing us of their numbers every day.

These may have served as a gauge for the public on how our fight against the virus is progressing.

However, from 7 Dec, MOH will continue updating us without issuing dedicated press releases.

This comes as the current wave of Delta Variant infections subsides, they added.

Brave new world without daily statements

In their regular daily press release on Monday (6 Dec) night, MOH informed Singaporeans that something we’ve become so accustomed to would be ending.

The Singapore public is about to enter a brave new world without daily press releases on infection statistics from MOH.

That means no late-night headlines screaming on our phones and social media channels from Tuesday (7 Dec).


Same info on MOH website

But not to worry – MOH said the same statistics we’ve been waiting for with bated breath every night would be updated on their website every day.

This will include info on:

  1. number of Covid-19 cases
  2. status of patients
  3. hospital capacity
  4. vaccination progress

We’ll have to take the step of checking out to find them.

Statements on significant developments

When MOH releases a media statement in this new normal, you’ll know it’s something significant.

That’s because they said they’ll update the public when there are “significant developments”.

This includes info on the Omicron Variant, on which much is still not known.


Weekly infection growth rate being monitored

If you’re resolving to check out the MOH website often, they made sure to highlight a crucial indicator that they’ll be closely monitoring: the weekly infection growth rate.

It’s a ratio that compares the number of community cases for the past week with the week before. This gives a sense of how quickly Covid-19 is spreading the community.

If the ratio rises rapidly above 1 for a sustained period, the spread of infection is accelerating. This means a new wave is potentially starting.

But it’s good news if the rate falls below 1. Happily, the ratio is 0.64 as of 6 Dec – the last time it was over 1 was 12 Nov.


Delta-induced wave subsiding

As promised, MOH accordingly eased restrictions on 22 Nov after waiting to ensure the ratio was below 1.

This meant the current Delta-induced wave of infections was subsiding.

As the infection numbers start to stabilise, MOH expects the ratio to “trend towards 1”.

Indeed, Singapore reported 662 cases and 4 deaths on 6 Dec – the 4th day in a row that we’ve had fewer than 1,000 new infections.


Out of the woods, or still in it?

As Singapore slowly comes out of this latest wave of infections, some Singaporeans may be breathing a sigh of relief.

Perhaps we’re somewhat out of the woods and don’t need to be too fixated on daily case numbers anymore. Besides, we can always find the info over the Internet if we want to.

However, others might note that we’re still reporting hundreds of daily cases and, more importantly, daily deaths. There’s also the great unknown of Omicron.

Do you think daily statements are still needed, or should MOH focus their efforts on other things? Do share your thoughts with us.

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