Mother Tragically Loses Twins 4 Months Before They’re Due, Asks Them To Save A Spot In Heaven For Her

American Mother Loses Her Twin Daughters 4 Months Before They’re Due

When a woman becomes pregnant, most of the time, it’s a cause for celebration.

Most families would throw gender reveal parties and get all prepped up to welcome their new family member.

It was no different for Isabelle Benavidez and Daniel Gutierrez, from Texas, the United States, as they were happily expecting twin daughters.

Sadly, fate dealt the couple a cruel hand. On Sunday (15 Sep), this loving family was torn apart when they lost their babies 4 months before the due date. 

Isabelle and Daniel hugging each other after burying their twin daughters

Isabelle shared her agonising experience on Facebook. Her heartwarming farewell message has garnered over 231,000 shares at the time of writing. 

Viewers’ discretion is advised due to graphic nature of photos.

Started cramping & losing her mucus plug

On the morning of 15 Sep, Isabelle planned to make a trip to Fort Worth for a specialist to check on her twin foetuses. They were 5 months old at the time.


However, her plans took an unexpected turn when she started releasing her mucus plug and experienced cramps in her lower body. She was rushed to a separate hospital instead.

When Isabelle was pushed into the labour ward, she wrote that she saw herself entering an “incredibly sketchy part of the hospital”.

Photo for illustration purposes only

Apart from the labour ward looking unkempt, Isabelle added that the most appalling part was the purported negligence she experienced from the doctor tending to her. 

Isabelle noticed that the doctor “had no idea what she was doing”, and even “nearly used the wrong instrument” on her. 

Isabelle’s water bag broke

Regardless, they went ahead with the cervical examination and that was when Isabelle felt excruciating pain. She said she yelled for the doctor to stop, but her cries seemed to have fallen on deaf ears.

As the examination continued, Isabelle felt liquid gushing out of her — her water bag broke.

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However, the doctor sent Isabelle home despite knowing that her water had broken because “nothing was wrong.” 

Ended up delivering baby at home

When Isabelle arrived home, she eventually found herself on all fours screaming in pain. She then rushed to the toilet when she felt the urge to push something out of her. 

When she went ahead, “water sprayed out” and Ella – one of the twins – emerged. But she was unsure if Ella was alive at the point.

Horrified, she shouted for her husband and he dialled 911. 

According to Isabelle, one of the medical officers said that Ella was still alive, but was turning cold. They eventually lost her pulse.

It was then that Isabelle felt the need to push again, and with that, Sophia – the second twin – was born.  This time, Sophia was already dead.

Woke up to her lifeless twins beside her

When Isabelle woke up in the hospital, she found her family surrounding her. To her left were her 2 daughters laying lifelessly beside her.


The next few days were the only days she had left with her daughters. 

Every night was like the end of another day she has with them and she would cuddle her lifeless daughters to sleep. 


Despite the heartache and sense of loss Daniel and her were facing, they still sang to their daughters and gave them forehead kisses like they would if their babies were alive. 

Bid daughters farewell in heartwarming message

Last Sunday (22 Sep), the girls were finally put to rest. Isabelle described it as the “hardest thing” she ever had to do.


However, despite the immense heartbreak and loss she faced, she crafted a message in a separate Facebook post as a final farewell for her daughters. 

In the post, Isabelle shared that every night, she would hug the blankets that her daughters were wrapped in as it was the only item left with their smell on it. 


Even though she was devastated by their passing, she said:

“Thank you my beautiful baby angels for being so patient with mommy while I carried y’all in my belly. Thank you for giving us so much joy and bringing our families together to become one. Lastly, thank you for being my daughters and for making me a mummy. Mummy and daddy will miss y’all forever.”

With that, she ended the heartwarming message by asking her babies to save a spot for her and her husband in heaven.

Our deepest condolences to Isabelle & her family

Like what Isabelle said in her touching message “there’s no love like the love a mother has for her child”. 

MS News sends our deepest condolences to her and her family. May their days be filled with joy again. 

Feature image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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