S’pore Lady Scolds Muslim Women For Eating At Hawker Centre In Ramadan, Netizens Say It’s Unnecessary

Lady Scolds 4 Muslim Women For Eating During Ramadan In Viral Video

Muslims are now observing the holy month of Ramadan all over the world. This is when they are required to fast every day from dawn till sunset.

On Tuesday (3 May), however, a lady came across a group of Muslim women dining at a hawker centre in broad daylight. She started filming and berating them for eating what seemed to be non-halal Chinese food.


The video made rounds on social media and quickly went viral.

Many netizens felt that the way the lady scolded and shamed the women was unnecessary and should have been done more tactfully.

Lady scolds Muslim women for eating during Ramadan

At the start of the video, the lady films the 4 hijabi women eating noodles.

Speaking in Malay, she says that one of the women claims she is working for a Chinese family so she could eat.

When the woman in a turquoise hijab approached the lady, she instructed her to quietly sit down, threatening to call the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS).

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Things then escalated as the lady raises her voice, shouting that the women were an embarrassment to the religion.

She then says to the women, “You’re wearing the tudung. What is going on?”

Heated argument ensues

While the other women appear nonchalant as the lady berates them, the woman in a turquoise hijab decides to respond.

Speaking in an Indonesian accent, she greets the lady before explaining that she doesn’t follow the way fasting is done here; she follows what is stated in the Quran.

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Throughout this, the lady waves her hands, refuting the things she is saying.

The pair then engage in a heated argument where the lady states that fasting is one of the 5 pillars of Islam.

muslim women eating ramadanSource

Eventually, the argument seems to conclude with the lady saying she will not answer for the woman on judgement day.

The woman then says she will answer for herself.

You can watch the full video here.

Netizens say scolding is not necessary

The footage was widely circulated across social media and has already garnered over 27,000 shares and 5.2 million views on Facebook at the time of writing.

Netizens expressed polarising opinions on the issue at hand, but many agreed that the lady didn’t have to scold the women.

This netizen expressed that although the lady can advise the women, she should not be scolding them. After all, it’s between them and God.

Translation: Why is the person making the video meddling with other people’s business. She can advise but don’t criticise others about fasting. Whether they fast, it is their business with God. It’s better for the woman who is filming to care about her own family.

A Twitter user also expressed that the lady scolding them is ironically not embodying the spirit of Ramadan, which includes self-discipline, courtesy, and patience.


One Singaporean also chimed in, saying that most Muslims tend to avoid eating outside during the fasting month “because it’s rude to those who are fasting”.


Religion is a personal choice

Netizens hotly debated the contentious topic of eating in public during Ramadan.

At the end of the day, while such differences in opinions may arise, they should be expressed tactfully.

After all, religion is a personal choice, and we should respect that even if the way someone else practises it is vastly different from our beliefs.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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