Man Trolls National Gallery Guests With Pen On Ground As Art Exhibit & People Actually Fall For It

Man Leaves Pen On Ground As Art Exhibit To Troll Enthusiasts At National Gallery

Most Singaporeans don’t have the habit of visiting art museums regularly, so most of us would have had this question crossing our minds at least once.

This one also considered art ah?

To test this theory, a man decided to leave a random pen on the floor at Singapore’s National Gallery to troll art-lovers who visited on that very day.

Here is his post.


People allegedly believed it was art

After leaving it on the floor for a while, the netizen claims that audiences gathered to snap pictures of his ‘masterpiece’.

They also allegedly wondered how a pen was a work of art.

If this incident seems familiar to you, you are right. This is something you have been living with all your life.


Netizens joke about the art

Other netizens join in on the fun by describing how the pen is a form of art for them.


The netizen says that the way that the pen contrasts with the material floor looks very interesting. (We think so too.)


Another netizen says that it fulfils the golden ratio.

These compelling arguments make us think they may be on to something. After all, art is a form of expression that is notoriously hard to explain.

The pen is mightier than art itself

Now here’s a new idea that you may not have thought of yet.

This local could be on to something. We recall this case where a normal pair of spectacles was placed on the ground at New York art exhibition back in 2016.

By getting everyone to question the meaning of art with the simple act of placing a pen on the ground, he sparked a philosophical art discussion in the comments section of the picture.


Exactly what artists do IRL. What do you think?

Featured image from Facebook.

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