Text Claiming NEA Officers Checking Houses Is Fake, Police Urges Public Not To Spread Rumours

Text Claims NEA & Police Officers Are Visiting Residential Units During Hari Raya

Since late-January when the Covid-19 outbreak started in Singapore, there has been a steady stream of fake news circulating on messaging apps and social media.

The latest apparently involve a message in Malay claiming that officers will be conducting checks in residential areas to catch ‘Circuit Breaker’ offenders during Hari Raya.


On Sunday (10 May), the Singapore Police Force (SPF) took to Facebook to debunk the fake message.


Text claims NEA and police officers conducting checks in residential areas during Hari Raya

According to SPF’s Facebook post, the message claims that officers from the National Environment Agency (NEA) and SPF will be conducting checks in “residential areas” during Hari Raya to catch ‘Circuit Breaker’ offenders.


The information apparently came from the sender’s “friend” who works with NEA.

Hence, the sender urges Singaporean not to go visiting during Hari Raya to avoid getting fined.

As you can probably tell, the alleged operation is fake.

However, the SPF urges members of the public to continue observing safe-distancing measures.

This includes not visiting relatives and friends who do not reside in the same household.

Here’s a rough translation of the fake message:

Greetings to all, take note, I received information from my friend who works with NEA. He/she advised, tell your siblings & relatives, on Hari Raya don’t visit house to house, and advise kids or in-laws not to leave home for visits. Because NEA & non-uniformed POLICE will work together. For those who visit pls take note. 1st NOC $300, 2nd NOC $1,000, subsequent offences will go to court.

Continue to observe ‘Circuit Breaker’ measures

If you’ve received a similar message from your family members and friends, share this with them so they are aware of the correct information.

While the checks conducted in residential areas may not be real, do continue to observe ‘Circuit Breaker’ measures during these trying times.

Even though Hari Raya this year will likely be different without physically visiting friends and family, you can still pay them virtual ‘visits’ with the wonders of technology.

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