Nee Soon Estate Ambassadors Don’t Do House Checks, Town Council Calls Out Fake Texts

Need Soon Estate Ambassadors Don’t Do House Checks For Covid-19 Breaches

Town Councils (TCs) are responsible for the day-to-day operations in managing the common property of HDB flats and commercial property within the town.

However, house checks and enforcement of safe distancing measures do not fall in their jurisdiction. Nee Soon TC made this clear in a Facebook post on Friday (7 May).


Following the circulation of inaccurate WhatsApp texts, they decided to dismiss claims that Estate Ambassadors are visiting residential units to enforce Covid-19 safe management measures (SMMs).

They made it clear that this applies to all TCs in Singapore, and not just Nee Soon.

WhatsApp texts claim Nee Soon ambassadors will do house checks

In a screenshot which Nee Soon TC shared, a series of WhatsApp texts claim that estate ambassadors will be conducting random house checks.

With Hari Raya fast approaching, the text insinuates that ambassadors will be checking homes to enforce the new 5-pax rule.

Accompanying the texts is a picture of an estate ambassador seemingly on the move at a HDB block.


While the visual doesn’t exactly show the ambassador outside a home, the text still comes with a warning to “be extra careful”.

The statement is likely alluding to the risk of getting fined, should anyone be caught breaching SMMs.

Nee Soon Town Council says texts are fake

Hoping to clear the air regarding the texts, Nee Soon TC took to Facebook to announce that they are fake.

Rather than enforcing Covid-19 measures, the ambassadors are looking out for hygiene and maintenance issues.

They are hence ensuring that residents have a clean and safe environment to live in.

Do not be too quick to spread misinformation

As measures are continually being updated, the risk of misinformation becomes greater.

Therefore, we should avoid blindly sharing information without checking against multiple sources first.

When in doubt, you can always turn to the Ministry of Health and websites for official news.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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