New Premium Durian Variety In Johor May ‘Dethrone’ Mao Shan Wang In The Future

New Premium Durian In Johor Set To Overtake Mao Shan Wang & Black Thorn

The durian season is in good stead and fans have had their fill of the king of fruits, but the best may have yet to come.

A “Durian Unggul” or “Superior Durian” competition in Segamat, Johor, crowned a new premium grade durian on Friday (28 Jun).


Though new, the currently nameless variety is already said to rival the likes of premium durian like Mao Shan Wang and Black Thorn.

Premium durian won state-wide competition

The new variety was grown by plantation owner Mad Zin Abdullah from Kampung Tengah, who also won second place for another variety.


In an interview with CNA, he said that:

the winning durian, po89, has a slightly bitter taste and creamy texture.


Having achieved the holy grail of durians, it’s no wonder that the new variety received rave reviews.

First place won RM1,000 (S$327) while the second RM750 (S$245), and a Mao Shan Wang durian plant each.

Hope for recognition

Mr Mad Zin hopes that he can register his durian variety with the Johor agricultural department, which will decide on its name.


He believes that “it tastes better than other durians in this area (Segamat)”.

If it makes the list, the new premium durian will join 12 other registered breeds from Johor, such as the Durian IOI.

As Malaysia’s main producer of durians, Johor certainly has much to offer to the region.

Best thing is, it’s not a very long drive away from Singapore, so if you have yet to have your durian feast, plan a quick trip there soon.

Here’s a list of the shops there that offer the best prices:


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