S’pore May Experience Warmer Days In Nov, Enjoy The Aircon Weather While It Lasts

Warmer Nov Weather In Singapore May Come With Occasional Thunderstorms

The recent spate of hot weather and occasional thunderstorms seem to be a consistent pattern, likely to last a while longer. The National Environment Agency (NEA) revealed in a press release today that we’re set to experience warmer weather in the first 2 weeks of Nov, with occasional thundery showers.


And if the flash floods this evening were any indicator of nature’s surprises, we might expect similar scenes again.

Warmer weather in first 2 weeks of Nov

Had it not been for the Covid-19 pandemic, many Singapore residents would be planning for their year-end vacations now.

Wintery escapes to snowy countries would have provided a much-needed respite from the humidity.

Unfortunately, with leisure travel to many places still impossible, we’ll most probably be in sunny Singapore for a while.


Dig up that sleeveless blouse you used to wear under your office coat, to still look stylish while out and about in the heat.

You’d want to come up with more outfits like that, as NEA predicts warmer weather in the first 2 weeks of Nov.

Temperatures as high as 35°C

According to NEA, the temperature in Nov is expected to range between 24°C to 34°C on most days.

1 or 2 days, however, may see the temperature soaring to as high as 35°C, so brace yourselves for some real heat.


Though NEA predicts “moderate to heavy thundery showers with frequent lightning” over parts of Singapore in the afternoon and evening, don’t expect it to get too cold.

With persistently hot weather, you might want to keep some bottles of cold water ready in the fridge.

Those with aircons may want to enjoy the cool air, but remember not to set the temperature too low.

Enjoy the aircon weather while it lasts

Those without aircons, seems like now’s the time for you to bask in the naturally cold winds while they’re still blowing.

The rain may dampen your moods now, but you’ll definitely miss it when it’s gone.

Let’s hope the Nov heat won’t be too merciless, with brief episodes of heavy rain to help cool us down.

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Featured image adapted from achresis khora on Flickr.

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