NSFs Going To ORD Soon Can Donate Extra EMart Items To Migrant Workers

Soon-To-ORD NSFs With Extra EMart Items May Donate Them To Migrant Workers

The time to walk out of camp for good is nigh, and full-time national servicemen (NSFs) are ready to leave everything behind for a fresh start.

Unfortunately, some of the things they discard after their Operationally Ready Date (ORD) are still in good condition. Hoping to salvage such items and put them to good use, a group of NSFs have decided to channel them to a community in need — migrant workers.

Calling the initiative Book Out Help Out or BOHO, they’re appealing to all NSFs about to complete their service to chip in.


Items will help migrant workers after NSFs ORD

After testing their physical limits and toiling for hours under challenging conditions, eMart credits are the sweet taste of triumph for every NSF.

Using them to buy items from the eMart becomes a rewarding shopping spree, as they are able to snag great deals on quality products.


Essential items like water bottles, towels, socks and even running shoes are available at a steal, so it’s no surprise that some would stock up.

While many may continue using these items long after they ORD, some who’ve accumulated more than enough – among other reasons – may end up throwing them away.


However, these items can actually be very useful for migrant workers, who themselves toil for hours under the sun on a regular basis.

Donate excess shoes, towels, water bottles & others

NSFs who have excess eMart items after they ORD and don’t know what to do with them should consider donating them to a good cause.

In collaboration with itsrainingraincoats, BOHO is appealing for donations of items such as:

  • water bottles
  • socks
  • towels
  • running shoes
  • thermometer


Of course, you’ll have to make sure that all the items are in clean and working condition before donating them.

Help contribute to a good cause

We understand that for many, giving away their hard-earned items which they can likely reuse either personally or for reservist isn’t easy.

However, this is for a good cause after all, and they’ll go directly to migrant workers who’ve been hard hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. Those keen on donating can visit the link here.

Let’s do what we can to help those who are in more vulnerable positions than us, so they can get by.

Featured image adapted from Instagram.

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