S’pore Panda Cub Opens His Eyes 40 Days After Birth, Weighs Almost 2kg Now

Singapore Panda Cub Opens His Eyes For The First Time On 22 Sep

Earlier last month, Singapore welcomed its first panda cub to the fanfare of residents.

S’pore Welcomes First Panda Cub; Kai Kai & Jia Jia Are Finally Parents

Since then, the public has been kept up to date on the cub’s developments, thanks to pictures and videos by the Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) media team.

Though most of us may have seen the baby panda by now, the cub himself has yet to opened his eyes to see the world around him.

This changed on Wednesday (22 Sep), when the little one opened his precious eyes for the first time.

Image courtesy of Wildlife Reserves Singapore

The cub has also bulked up considerably since the last update and currently weighs close to 2kg.

Panda cub opens his eyes for the first time since birth

In an update on Friday (24 Sep), folks from WRS said the panda cub has opened his eyes for the first time.

Image courtesy of Wildlife Reserves Singapore

This reportedly occurred on Wednesday (22 Sep), more than a month after his birth.

Adapted from video courtesy of Wildlife Reserves Singapore

According to National Geographic, pandas are born blind and only open their eyes from the 6th week.

Their ear canals subsequently open at the 2-month mark.

WRS also gave an update on the cub’s weight, which currently stands at 1.87kg, 370g more than the previous week.

Rapid growth since birth

Born on 14 Aug to parents Kai Kai and Jia Jia, the cub emerged from his mother as a pink and delicate baby.

The male cub has since undergone tremendous growth, with the signature black-and-white markings showing after just 2 weeks.

Jia Jia’s Panda Cub Has Faint Black Markings Now, S’poreans Charmed By Its Yawn

As of 15 Sep, about 1 month after his birth, the cub weighed 1.5kg on the scale.

S’pore Panda Cub Weighs 1.5kg After 1 Month, WRS Credits Mum With Good Parenting

Much of his growth and development was apparently thanks to his mother Jia Jia’s superb parenting skills.

Heartwarming to see panda cub’s growth

We’re glad that WRS is documenting every chapter of the cub’s growth. After all, it’s not every day that we see a panda growing up.

It’s heartwarming to see the panda cub opening its eyes for the very first time, seeing his parents and the world around him.

We hope he will continue growing healthily and that we can one day see him in person soon.

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Featured image courtesy of Wildlife Reserves Singapore. 

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