Paralysed M’sia Man Fixes Motorcycles From Bed, Being A Mechanic Is His True Passion

Paralysed M’sia Man Fixes Motorcycles From Bed, Being A Mechanic Is His True Passion

Paralysed Malaysian Man Fixes Motorcycles From Bed For A Living

Life is full of surprises, and while a paralysing injury is a terrible one, it can also unlock great strength and resourcefulness in someone.

For a Malaysian man who became bedridden after an accident, that was certainly the case as he has turned his place of rest into a workspace.

Despite being paralysed from the waist down, he fixes motorcycles from his bed for a living.

paralysed fixes motorcycles bed

Source: Harian Metro

With help from his brother, he is able to continue pursuing his passion of being a mechanic.

Man became paralysed after getting into accident at 19

Mohamad Zulkarnain Mustafa was only 19 when he got into an accident that robbed him of the ability to walk.

According to Harian Metro, he was on the way home from working at a fried chicken stall in a night market in 2015 when his life changed forever.

Back then, he was working two jobs to help lighten his parents’ financial burden.

In addition to working at the night market, he also ran a part-time motorcycle repair business from home.

Following the accident, the now 27-year-old Mr Zulkarnain rested for a year before picking up his tools once again.

Due to his condition and limited mobility, he now does most of the repair work lying down in bed.

Man fixes motorcycles from bed with help from younger brother

While Mr Zulkarnain can also sit in a wheelchair, doing so for more than two hours can cause him discomfort and abdominal pain.

As such, he finds it more comfortable to work while lying down.

Additionally, he gets help from various family members in different ways.

For instance, his family moves his bed to the front of the house whenever a customer’s motorcycle comes in for repairs.

His younger brother, 13-year-old Mohamad Hazarul Nizam, also assists him by opening up the motorcycle parts for repair.

paralysed fixes motorcycles bed

Source: Harian Metro

Besides that, he is also capable of reassembling them, as well as replacing tyres, chains, and engine oil.

On Mr Zulkarnain’s end, he will fix the engine and share technical knowledge with his brother.

“For parts that cannot be opened, I have to tilt my body slightly, but my movement is indeed limited and there are parts I can’t reach with my hands,” he said.

Man dreams of opening workshop next to house

Apart from working as a mechanic, Mr Zulkarnain also receives a handout of RM300 (S$87) from Malaysia’s Social Welfare Department.

That said, he sees the repair work as more than just a way to make a living.

For one, it allows him to be self-reliant and provides purpose. Furthermore, it also helps him mentally as it is work that he enjoys doing and it makes him feel a lot healthier than lying down the whole day.

At the moment, Mr Zulkarnain receives one or two motorcycles per month for repair, which means he is not earning much just yet.

The repairs also take longer due to his condition, but Mr Zulkarnain says his customers are understanding.

Regardless, he is grateful to everyone who supports his business and considers it a blessing.

Ultimately, he hopes to build a more well-equipped workshop next to his house one day with the support of his parents.

Determination is the greatest superpower

Mr Zulkarnain’s story proves that sometimes, we can still make our dreams happen when we really put our minds to it.

His business may be off to a humble start now, but we believe he can grow it in time and achieve his dream of opening a workshop.

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Featured image adapted from Harian Metro.

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