Penang Kopitiam Apologises For Shaming Uncle Who Didn’t Buy Drink, Claims Closure Announcement Is Fake

Kedai Kopi Seng Thor In Penang Apologises After Publicly Shaming Man

Kedai Kopi Seng Thor, a coffee shop in Penang famous for their oyster omelette, recently came under fire for publicly shaming a man for not ordering a drink despite their coffee shop rules.

Source: Facebook

Following some backlash, the coffee shop shut down its Facebook page.

However, a new page with a similar name emerged, starting a poll and later announcing that the coffee shop would be closing down.

The coffee shop’s owner has since stepped up to clarify that the account is an impersonation, and that they are not shutting down.

Penang coffee shop gets backlash after shaming man on Facebook

The fiasco started with a Facebook post by the coffee shop.

Kedai Kopi Seng Thor reportedly indicated that they had a rule in place dictating that all customers have to either purchase a drink or pay a S$0.30 (RM 1) fee.

Source: China Press on Facebook

In the post, the coffee shop alleged that the man could read the sign but chose to ignore it, even after staff prompted him to order a drink.

According to China Press, the owner’s wife even went up three times to ask if he wanted to order a 15-cent (RM0.50) cup of hot water, but he continued to ignore her. He apparently even challenged them by asking what they were going to do about him not ordering a drink.

Angered by the elderly man’s attitude, the owner thus published a Facebook post to call his behaviour out.

Source: Facebook

Their post drew backlash from netizens, who were angered by the owner’s “bad attitude” towards a “helpless and innocent” elderly man.

This prompted the page to shut down to prevent any further online attacks.

Speaking to China Press, the owner apologised and acknowledged that his actions were disrespectful to the elderly man. He also declared that he had shut down the shop’s page.

However, he clarified that they were not intentionally targeting the elderly, and have, on certain occasions, let it slide when elderly patrons say they will order a drink after their meal, but eventually do not. They have apparently also given free food to beggars.

New Facebook page runs poll, says shop will shut down

Shortly after the coffee shop’s Facebook page was shut down, however, a new page by the name of “Seng Thor Coffee Shop” emerged.

Several apology posts were uploaded on the page, including one asking netizens to stop harassing family members in the wee hours of the night.

Following the apology post, the account set up a poll with three options:

  • Close permanently and settle the matter privately with the elderly man with a video proof
  • Continue operations, settle the matter privately with the elderly man with video proof and have a buffet event from 11am to 3pm at a later date
  • Pause operations for a week, with due compensation to the stall owners, and apologise to the elderly man on livestream

Source: Seng Thor Coffee Shop on Facebook

The first option won by a landslide.

As such, the Facebook account published another post, detailing their plans moving forward.

Source: Seng Thor Coffee Shop on post

Most striking was their declaration of closure, to honour the outcome of the poll.

Facebook account is allegedly fake, coffee shop not shutting down

Just when you’d think that things have taken a dramatic turn, the plot thickens.

Word emerged that the “Seng Thor Coffee Shop” Facebook page is a fake account not actually run by the coffee shop.

According to Sin Chew Daily, the coffee shop owner clarified that he was not behind the new account and that it was an impersonation.

In fact, he only learned about the fake account through family and friends.

He shared that the coffee shop currently has no intentions to start a new Facebook page.

In an interview with China Press, he also denied allegations that he set up the new account for more attention. He added that there was no reason for them to resort to such publicity stunts or close as their business is doing fine.

Source: Google Maps

Citing 71 years of history as a reason, he also said that their business is more catered to regulars and tourists anyway.

The coffee shop owner also confirmed that he has apologised for offending the elderly man.

Speaking with China Press, he emphasised that the coffee shop was not closing down.

He has lodged a police report against the fake Facebook account and is considering legal action.

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