Phua Chu Kang Returns As Legendary Virus Guru, Tells Us To Use Our Brains Again To Survive Covid-19

Phua Chu Kang Makes Comeback As Covid-19 Survival Guru, Teaches Hygiene & Social Responsibility

SARS is the virus, we just want to minus. Aiya, it’s not SARS anymore. It’s Covid-19 now.

Which is why, Singaporeans were excited this morning when they were told their favourite ah beng contractor Phua Chu Kang is back.

Phua Chu Kang’s iconic yellow boots as seen on’s Facebook

Surely, we speak for everyone when we say we’re hoping for a Covid-19 version of his immensely popular ‘Sarvivor Rap‘ from 2003.

Everybody, we have a part to play. So first, go wash your hands with soap, as we wait for a new survivor number with hope.

And at about 2pm Saturday (15 Feb), the video dropped.

Hmm, it’s no nostalgic rap, that’s for sure. As the title suggests, it’s all about getting serious now to fight the world’s latest virus outbreak.

Covid-19 is no laughing matter, as Phua Chu Kang aptly puts it. Let’s look at what he has to say to Singaporeans this time.

Phua Chu Kang is all about washing hands with soap

Be it Covid-19 or SARS, we’re sure personal hygiene comes as common sense. But sometimes, it takes a little reminder from a popular comedian to let the message really sink in.


With his unforgettable curly hair and mole, Phua Chu Kang recalls that signature line from ‘Sarvivor Rap’: Wash your hands with soap as much as possible.


Also, use hand sanitisers if you’re on the go, or if soap and water are inaccessible.


Phua Chu Kang reminds to check your temperature twice a day

Temperature screenings are conducted almost everywhere now as added measures to protect against Covid-19.

So if you’re left to your own devices – perhaps under a work-from-home arrangement – Phua Chu Kang says to check your temperature twice a day.


If someone says you are hot, it’s not a good thing hor.

Don’t touch face & eyes with hands

Take a while to consider where your hands have been today. Likely, you’ve touched different kinds of surfaces like your phones and doorknobs.

Experts have also cautioned that around 80% of all infections are transmitted by hands. Scary leh.

So, Phua Chu Kang kindly prompts us not to touch our face and eyes with hands. Same goes for digging your nose.

“Do you know what face is or not? The part on top your neck one”

In case, you’re a blur sotong.

Keeping house & surroundings clean & well-ventilated

If you didn’t know already, Singaporean health experts have warned us earlier this week that viruses like Covid-19 thrive in cold, dry conditions.

And if you’re sitting in an air con room feeling all comfy while reading this now, yep, that’s where viruses feel at home too.

So open your windows to let sunlight pour in, and make sure your homes are well-ventilated.


Please do yourself a favour and clean your home too like your life depends on it. It could very well be the case.

Don’t shake hands, just wave hello

After hygiene, now let’s talk about being socially responsible so that you won’t unintentionally infect someone or get infected.


During this period, forget about shaking hands. Waving hello will do, like how Phua Chu Kang nicely demonstrates it below.


Always bring tissue paper with you. Why?

Because if something irritates your nose and throat, and there comes the great urge to sneeze or cough, you can cover your mouth and stop germs from spreading everywhere.


Share love, not virus. Use your brain, okay?

Wear a mask when you’re sick, avoid crowded places

Newspaper headlines have told us this countless times, but it’s something that’s worth mentioning again.

If you’re sick, wear a mask.


Don’t go to crowded places. It’s best to see a doctor and stay at home so you can recuperate. You don’t need Phua Chu Kang to tell you this.

Don’t yaya papaya act hero.

And lastly, if you’ve been served a home quarantine order or Leave of Absence (LOA), just stay home. Don’t saboh.


Stay vigilant, and together, we’ll get through this intense outbreak together.

What do you think of Phua Chu Kang’s Covid-19 survival guide? Would you have preferred a new rap instead?

If yes, TheSmartLocal has improvised and recreated the rap titled Kung Flu. You can watch it below in its full glory.

Time to kick Covid-19’s butt.

Featured image adapted from on Facebook.

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