Eggs From Poland Arrive In S’pore, Chan Chun Sing Says 1st Shipment Is Significant Milestone For Food Security

More Shipments Including Vegetables & Chicken Coming, As S’pore Takes Step Towards Diversifying Food Sources

Singapore has always prided itself on our food security, and we’re currently ranked number 1 in the world.

We know Minister for Trade and Industry Chan Chun Sing takes this very seriously, as he’s usually eager to personally welcome imported food arriving in Singapore.

On Friday (5 Jun), another batch of eggs arrived in Singapore, but they were not ordinary eggs. They were our first shipment of eggs from Poland.


Shipment signifies diversified & resilient food supplies

Once again, Mr Chan raved over the delivery in a Facebook post, saying that the shipment signified that Singapore’s food supply is diversified and resilient.


Shipment is one of many arriving in coming weeks

Amid the panic buying over the Covid-19 outbreak, Mr Chan had previously assured Singaporeans that our food supply would not run out.

He was proven right again, as the Polish eggs came into port.


As always, Mr Chan carefully inspected the freshly arrived cartons of fresh eggs.


Apart from the ministerial inspection, the eggs were also checked by an inspector from the Singapore Food Agency.


According to the minister, this is one of many shipments that will be coming into Singapore over the next few weeks.

We can expect a steady supply of not just eggs, but frozen vegetables and frozen chicken too from the Eastern European country, which is one of the world’s largest exporters of hen shell eggs and other agricultural products.


Strengthening economic ties with Poland

According to Mr Chan, this shipment is a “significant milestone”.

It’s also an important deliverable under the Joint Ministerial Statement issued on 29 May, which seeks to strengthen economic relations between Singapore and Poland, including improving the flow of essential goods during Covid-19.

That’s why besides Mr Chan, Polish Ambassador Magdalena Bogdziewicz and Non-Resident Ambassador to Poland Loo Choon Yong were also present to pose with the historic eggs.


The Polish embassy also celebrated the good news in a Facebook post on 22 May, when the supplies left the country.


Diversification of food sources

Thanks to the diversification of our food sources, our country can further build our resilience over essential supplies, with is vital during periods of crisis like the Covid-19 pandemic.

Kudos to all involved who made this possible.

Next time you are at a supermarket, do look out for these newcomers in the egg section.

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