Chan Chun Sing Coos Over 300,000 Eggs Delivered For S’poreans, Says Alternative Sources Activated In 2 Days

Chan Chun Sing Welcomes Delivery Of Eggs, Says We Have Plan In Place To Assure Food Security

Minister for Trade and Industry Chan Chun Sing had a new delivery on Thursday (19 Mar), and he was eggs-cited enough to receive it personally. No, his wife didn’t give birth; it was a delivery of eggs meant for local consumption.

Normally, we don’t think a delivery of eggs merits a ministerial welcome, but these are not normal times. These are Covid-19-threatened times, and after Malaysia announced a lockdown, many who flocked to supermarkets to panic buy were afraid that our food supply would run out.

Thus, Mr Chan celebrated the happy delivery with a Facebook post on Thursday (19 Mar):


Treasured cargo arrives in Singapore

Mr Chan had previously assured Singaporeans that our food supply would not run out, and he was happy to be proven right as the treasured cargo was unloaded from a Singapore Airlines plane.


As the anticipation increased, Mr Chan couldn’t help but stroke the box lovingly.


The moment had finally arrived. Workers tenderly unboxed the cartons and lifted them gingerly out.


Finally, the beautiful morsels were unwrapped and revealed in all their delicious glory. What a sight to behold!


It must have taken Mr Chan all his willpower not to say: “My precious, my precious.”


The longing satisfied, Mr Chan gazed upon this scene in contentment. Singapore’s egg woes are over.


Alternative food sources activated in 2 days

Kidding aside, Mr Chan’s post underlined a serious point — that Singapore’s food security isn’t totally dependent on Malaysia, but we have “many other source countries” too.

Upon hearing the news of Malaysia’s lockdown, these alternative sources were activated quickly, and not just for eggs but other food products and essential items too.

The Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources (MEWR), the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) and SATS were also praised for managing to activate these sources in a matter of just 2 days.

Heartening news indeed

We think that’s heartening news indeed, and give kudos to the team that ensures Singapore’s food security.

Now, get away from that supermarket unless you really are running out of food.

Featured image courtesy of Facebook.

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