Singapore Confirms 32 New Covid-19 Cases, Bringing National Tally To 345 On 19 Mar

On Thursday (19 Mar), Singapore confirmed 32 new Covid-19 cases, with 24 of them imported cases.

This is the 2nd-highest number of new cases reported in the Republic in a single day — the highest, 47, was reported on Wednesday (18 Mar).

We now have a total of 345 confirmed cases, with 7 more cases discharged from hospital, meaning 124 have fully recovered. 221 cases are still warded.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) also reported that of the cases still hospitalised, 15 are in critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

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Number of imported cases still high

After consecutive days of reporting record highs for new Covid-19 cases in Singapore, the nation waited with baited breath to see if another massive increase would materalise on Thursday (19 Mar).

While the overall number of new cases has dropped since the day before, imported cases continue to make up a large portion, with all of the imported cases residents and long-term pass holders returning to Singapore.

They had travelled to Europe, North America and other parts of Asia.

Of the 32 new cases,

  • 24 are imported cases.
  • 1 is linked to previous cases.
  • 1 is linked to the cluster at rock climbing gym Boulder+.
  • 6 are currently unlinked.

Image courtesy of AFP

Singaporeans advised to defer all overseas travel

MOH again advised Singaporeans to defer all travel abroad.

The ministry also told arrivals to Singapore to monitor their health closely for 14 days upon their return, and see a doctor if they feel sick. When seeing the doctor, they should notify them of where they have travelled.

If they present fever or respiratory symptoms, recent returnees should wear a mask and call the clinic instead of visiting.

MOH also said that doctors will be looking out for suspect cases, so the Republic may see more of them.

All Singaporeans and short-term visitors returning from any country will need to serve the 14-day Stay-Home Notice.

Stay safe

While we are in dismay that the number of cases seem to be rising with no end in sight, we take a small amount of comfort that most of them are imported cases, meaning that actual community spread isn’t widespread yet.

We hope all the infected people recover fully, and the number of cases can go down soon.

Featured image courtesy of AFP.