Woman Finds Pouch With Large Sum Of Money In Bukit Panjang, Hopes To Return It To Owner

Pouch With Money & Valuables Found In Bukit Panjang On 1 Jun

At a young age, many of us learn about honesty and integrity through the textbook example of returning things we find to their rightful owners.

On Tuesday (1 Jun), a woman got to put these lessons to good use when she found a pouch containing a large sum of money at Bukit Panjang.

She later took to Facebook, hoping to find its owner.


The post quickly went viral, garnering over 1,700 shares in less than a day.

Black pouch found on road near Bukit Panjang Plaza

On Tuesday (1 Jun), the woman shared on Facebook that she had chanced upon a black pouch.

pouch bukit panjangSource

She claimed that it was found along the road near Bukit Panjang Plaza.


When she opened the pouch, the woman discovered that it contained quite a large sum of money and valuables.

Hopes to return the pouch to its owner

However, she could not find any form of identification in the pouch.

But the contents of the pouch somehow led her to conclude that it belonged to someone by the name of “Iman Hakim”.

That’s when the woman decided to share a picture of the pouch and harness the power of social media to help locate the owner so she could return it to them.

Kudos to the woman for showing integrity

Kudos to the woman for her integrity and intention to return the pouch to its rightful owner.

It certainly speaks volumes of her character.

Hopefully, with the help of netizens, she will be able to find the pouch’s owner in due time.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and iProperty.com.sg.

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