Japanese Women Say Engaging Prostitutes Doesn’t Count As Cheating If No Feelings Are Involved

Japanese Women Interviewed In Viral TikTok Clip Say Engaging Prostitutes Doesn’t Count As Cheating

Even as society evolves to be more understanding of individuals’ needs, prostitution remains a controversial topic.

A recent video asking women in Japan about their sentiments towards prostitution, however, garnered surprising responses.

Most of the respondents shared that visiting a prostitute doesn’t count as cheating, as long as no feelings are involved.

Source: @takashiifromjapan on TikTok

Some even claimed that they’d rather their partners visit a prostitute than speak to random girls.

Japanese women say visiting prostitutes for sex doesn’t count as cheating

Earlier this week, Japanese content creator Takashii posted a TikTok video of himself asking women for their thoughts on prostitution. Specifically, he asked whether the act of visiting prostitutes counts as cheating.

@takashiifromjapanCheating culture in Japan♬ original sound – TAKASHii 🇯🇵

The one-minute clip garnered over eight million views in the span of just two days.

At the start of the clip, two ladies he interviewed immediately said “it does not” when Takashii posed the question.

One of them exclaimed that she wouldn’t like it if her partner caught feelings in the process, but wouldn’t mind if “it’s just for sex”.

Source: @takashiifromjapan on TikTok

Her companion shared similar sentiments, saying that she’d prefer for her partner to visit a prostitute than talk to random girls.

Source: @takashiifromjapan on TikTok

One interviewee allegedly went as far as telling her boyfriend to “go to a prostitute if you wanna cheat”. According to her, “it’s okay if he (her partner) pays money”.

Source: @takashiifromjapan on TikTok

Another lady said she would find it acceptable if there’s a “decent reason” such as companionship.

Source: @takashiifromjapan on TikTok

Some will get upset if their partners visit prostitutes

Although the majority of interviewees were relatively accepting of their partners visiting prostitutes, some felt differently.

One interviewee told Takashii that she struggles to understand why someone would visit a prostitute.

Source: @takashiifromjapan on TikTok

Another lady said that she’d get upset if her partner visited a prostitute. However, the act of doing so is apparently acceptable to some.

Source: @takashiifromjapan on TikTok

Her friend followed up by remarking that Japan is famous for its prostitution scene,  which is a part of the country’s culture.

Women’s responses surprise TikTok viewers

Since the video was posted on TikTok and Instagram, it has gone viral with several million views on both platforms.

Reactions to the clip were wildly different, with some pitying the Japanese women whom they think have “settle[d] for so little”.

Source: Instagram

This Instagram user wondered if Japanese men would be fine if their female partners did the same.

Source: Instagram

Meanwhile, some users on YouTube simply chalked it up to cultural differences between countries.

Source: YouTube

Several years ago, YouTube channel Asian Boss posted a similar video asking Japanese folks about their thoughts on prostitution.

Interestingly, the ladies also said that they did not think that visiting prostitutes was a form of cheating. This is only as long as there aren’t feelings on the table.

What are your thoughts on the subject and what do you think were the reasons behind the interviewees’ responses? Let us know in the comments below.

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Featured image adapted from @takashiifromjapan on TikTok

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