Internet Famous Pusheen Cat Takes Over Kumoya Cafe From 6 Jan 2019

World’s First Pusheen Cafe To Open In Singapore

Cat-lovers be prepared to squeal because a totally adorable cat-themed cafe is opening here soon.

Anyone who spends enough time on the Internet would be familiar with Pusheen, the fat feline whose GIFs have won the hearts of lovers of all things cute.


It doesn’t take a cat person to go “aww” at the sight of a chubby cat bouncing around.

You might not get to see that come to life but there’ll be enough Pusheen to go around when the world’s first Pusheen Cafe opens in Singapore on 6 Jan 2019.

Purr-ty interior

If you’ve visited any of Kumoya’s themed cafes before, you’d know how far they go to transport their visitors into the same cartoon worlds their favourite characters live in.


This Care Bear invasion put a smile on our faces, simply by glancing at the colourful interiors.


Pusheen the cat will be popping up by the seating area and peeking at you having your meal, just like a real pet cat would.

But you can’t get annoyed at that smol face when you’re sitting in a pastel room surrounded by fluffy white clouds and 2D balloons.

Image courtesy of Kumoya

Furry cute food

Everything on the menu will feature Pusheen, from main courses to foamy milk art in your warm beverages. They’re so cute you might hesitate to eat at all.

What better way to bring a chubby cat to life than in a round burger bun? This ebi burger even comes in the exact shade of Pusheen gray, you’d want to pet the bun rather than bite into it.

Image courtesy of Kumoya

Don’t worry if you don’t have anyone to bring along to the cafe. Just get the truffle pasta and Pusheen will be there eating with you, like that scene from Lady and the Tramp.

Image courtesy of Kumoya

Skip the brown sugar pearl craze for the pink pearls dotting the cotton candy on top of this peach soda.

Image courtesy of Kumoya

Pusheen Cafe takes latte art to a whole new level by putting the kitty in full colour atop the frothy milk.

Image courtesy of Kumoya

Top celebrity food artist Shirley Wong aka @littlemissbento put her creative spin on all the dishes, so you can bet they’re all uniquely designed and totally Instagram-worthy.

Won’t be around fur-ever

Unfortunately, Pusheen Cafe will only be around from 6 Jan to 31 March 2019, so you’ll have to plan your visit around those dates.

And since large crowds are expected, your dining experience might be limited to 90 minutes only. That’s how crazy popular the cafe is going to be.

We’d suggest you be there early so you won’t have to wait too long and get hangry.


Address: Kumoya @ 8 Jalan Klapa, Singapore 199320
Opening hours:
Tues-Thurs, Sun: 12pm-9.30pm*
Fri & Sat: 12pm-10pm*
Nearest station: Lavender MRT

*Last order 30 minutes before closing.

Featured image courtesy of Kumoya.

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