Northpoint City’s Ding Tai Fung Added To MOH’s Covid-19 Location List

With Hong Kong heading into its ‘Circuit Breaker‘ and banning meet-ups of 2 people, Singapore will need to be more cautious than ever.

That’s why although the ‘groups of 5‘ rule is observed, those feeling under the weather should decline jios to meet in person & in public.

MOH’s Covid-19 location update on Monday (27 Jul) involved more visits over the past 2 weeks to malls & a mosque in North & Central area, by Covid-19 patients during their “infectious period”.


We’ve highlighted some notable new visits added to MOH’s list, mainly focused on heartland areas:

  • Queensway Shopping Centre, 15 Jul (Wed), 4.00-6.05pm
  • Masjid Assyakirin, 17 Jul (Fri), 1.55-2.35pm
  • Funan Mall, 21 Jul (Tues), 3.10-4.10pm
  • Northpoint City
    – Din Tai Fung, 24 Jul (Fri), 7.30-10.00pm

You can view the full list of over 50 places logged by MOH since 13 Jul here.

Queensway Shopping Centre & Northpoint City added to list

The visits by confirmed Covid-19 patients involve new entries mostly around central & heartland shopping districts.


Northpoint’s Ding Tai Fung restaurant – the brand’s second listing since Suntec’s outlet a week ago – was visited for 2.5 hours on Friday (24 Jul) evening.


Queensway Shopping Centre – where we have fond memories of looking for sports equipment & cheap FBTs – was logged for a late afternoon Wednesday (15 Jul) visit.


An unstated number of Covid-19 cases had visited from 4pm for a visit lasting 2 hours & 5 minutes.


Finally, Masjid Assyakirin – a heartland mosque located between Jurong West & Jurong East – was added to MOH’s list for a post-lunchtime visit on Friday (17 Jul) at 1.55pm.

Always log Phase 2 visits with SafeEntry

Most of these mall visits occurred during timings that are considered peak periods to enter shopping complexes or eateries — i.e. weekends or lunch & dinner crowds.


In general, we surmise that it would be harder to stagger our visits now that Phase 2 is in full swing.

However, we can still only head out to buy necessities & meet friends where necessary — and make it a point to stay masked up & use SafeEntry to track our visits.

Heartland locations will still be declared

FYI, MOH has been listing public areas visited by Covid-19 patients prior to Phase 2 for contact-tracing purposes.

Heartland locations where confirmed Covid-19 patients have visited for 30 min or longer will continue to be made known to the public.

For citizens who’ve visited these places at similar dates & timings, do monitor your health for the next 14 days.

Stay vigilant for respiratory symptoms

Visitors of these areas are reminded to see a doctor immediately if they develop any of these respiratory symptoms:

  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Runny nose
  • Fever
  • Loss of taste/smell

Those identified as close contacts should have been informed by MOH as contact-tracing efforts continue.

Besides facilitating contact-tracing efforts, authorities have assured citizens that all visited areas have been sanitised & citizens don’t have to avoid these places.

Only head out for essential engagements

We wish all affected patients a swift recovery and hope that citizens adhere to social-distancing cues & mask regulations to minimise risks of transmission to our loved ones.

If you’ve visited any of these locations recently, do pay close attention to your health & well-being over the next 2 weeks.

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