Malls & Supermarkets Visited By Covid-19 Patients Are Disinfected & Safe, Says Gan Kim Yong

S’poreans Need Not Avoid Places Visited By Covid-19 Patients, Says Health Minister

The ever growing list of major malls and other public places visited by Covid-19 patients in Singapore has sparked some worry among citizens.

4 Major Malls Visited By Covid-19 Patients, Tampines Mall, IMM & Clementi Mall Included

In a press conference on Monday (8 Jun), Health Minister Gan Kim Yong stated that Singaporeans do not need to keep away from these locations.


He assured that they are carrying out thorough disinfection of affected places, leaving no risk for others in the community.

Avoiding places Covid-19 patients visited is unnecessary

According to The Straits Times (ST), Mr Gan urged citizens “not to worry” as places visited by patients are safe to visit.

A patient visited IMM 3 times in 10 days.

Upon identifying the places, authorities will ensure these areas go through deep cleaning for the safe return of staff and visitors.

Mustafa Centre and neighbourhood shopping centres like Jurong Point have gone through similar processes.


Information released so visitors can monitor health

Furthermore, Mr Gan explains that authorities released the information to alert those who may have visited the places at the same time as patients.

They should closely monitor their health and look out for symptoms, in case they had been in possible close contact.


These individuals can then easily come forward for testing should they feel unwell, helping to ease the contact tracing process.

Adjusting to a new norm

As Singapore moves into active testing, we can expect more locations to be declared visited by Covid-19 patients.

However, this does not mean we have to steer clear of all the places on the long list. Simply do your apart by donning a mask and social distancing appropriately.

Featured image adapted from MS News.

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