Rabbit Garden In M’sia Is As High As Genting Highlands, Can Pet Bunnies In Aircon Weather

D’mesilau Rabbit Garden Is Highest In Malaysia, 1538m Above Sea Level

In sunny Singapore, rabbits are lovable domestic animals and make wonderful companions in our HDB homes.

It would surely be a dream come true to see dozens of them come together and be one with nature.


In Sabah, Malaysia, there lies a bunny wonderland that’ll surely make lovers of these long-eared critters hop with joy.


The best part? You get to pet them while enjoying cooling weather as it’s the highest rabbit garden in Malaysia.

Introducing D’mesilau Rabbit Garden, located at 1,528m above sea level — almost similar to Genting Highlands’ elevation.


Let’s take a look at this adorable garden that’s made for squeals of excitement.

D’mesilau Rabbit Garden in Kundasang town, Sabah

At first glance, D’mesilau Rabbit Garden looks like you’ve just fallen down a literal rabbit hole that leads you to this bunny wonderland.

The only difference is, you’re travelling up to a highlands instead. It’s located in the mountain town of Kundasang — sorta like the Jiufen of East Malaysia.


Located at 1,538m above sea level, expect cool temperatures ranging between 15°C-25°C. It’d be perfect if they let us pack along some scones and tea.


Look at mist gently caressing the highlands in the background of this picture.


We could almost feel the chill just by looking at it.

Spend time petting bunnies or taking pictures

If it wasn’t obvious already, one of the best things to do there is to take as many pictures of the bunnies as you can.


It’s not known how many bunnies the rabbit garden has in total, but from the pictures, we can tell that there’s a lot.


You can feed these little cutie pies too. Food can be bought at the entrance counter, according to Sabah travel site Go Ranau.


If you’re having a good hare day, you could also work in an OOTD picture as majestic as this for the ‘gram. These bunnies be hailing you like you’re their queen.


Bookmark for when we can travel to Malaysia again

Covid-19 has made travelling to Malaysia impossible till 2021. We bet you’ve been eagerly bookmarking travel destinations to go to once leisure travel is allowed again.

Sabah, Malaysia is a great place to check out if you’re a prudent traveller.

Here’s what you need to know about D’Mesilau Rabbit Garden.

D’Mesilau Rabbit Garden in Kundasang town, Sabah, Malaysia
Opening hours: 8am-4pm daily
Entry tickets: S$1.60 (RM5) for adults, S$0.98 (RM3) for kids — though prices may differ for non-Malaysians
Website: Facebook page

In the meantime, if you have any bunny lover friends, just share this beautiful slice of Malaysian life with them. Those cute buns are worth fawning over either way.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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