You Can Plop These Bunny Marshmallows Into Hot Chocolate At Home So They’ll Look Too Cute To Drink

Korean Brand Mitte Has Hot Chocolate Drink That Comes With Panda & Rabbit Marshmallows

There’s no winter weather in sunny Singapore, but that won’t stop us from indulging in hot chocolate.

We’ve recently discovered that Mitte – a Korean brand – offers adorable panda and rabbit marshmallows that are available on Shopee Singapore from $22.


Each box has 10 sachets of hot chocolate and five panda or rabbit-shaped marshmallows.


While boba tea will always have a place in our hearts, these marshmallows are bound to be your next obsession.

Panda & rabbit marshmallows

Many of us have fallen for boba tea and milkshakes, but it seems that marshmallows placed atop hot beverages will enter our foodie wishlist too.


Korean brand Mitte has released panda and rabbit marshmallows that can float on top of our hot chocolate drinks. You may hesitate to finish the entire cup because of the kawaii toppings.


A look at the chubby rabbit will warm your heart. Instead of eating, some may grab the marshmallow because it’s too cute to eat.


You might’ve seen countless of cute pandas online, but nothing can match this soft and fluffy version. This marshmallow panda is the perfect addition to your frothy milk drink.


How to prepare your super cute drink

Preparing the drink is fast and easy.

Place a package of one Mitte stick into the mug and pour a glass of hot water. Afterward, stir the drink until its fully melted.


The best part is placing the panda or rabbit marshmallow on top of the drink to amp up the flavour.


Where to buy

These Mitte Hot Chocolate drinks are available on Shopee Singapore from $22.

The tropical weather won’t stop foodies from grabbing hot chocolate drinks so make an order as soon as possible. We’re wishing that more kawaii marshmallows will appear in our groceries soon.

What are the most adorable foods that you’ve seen? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image from Facebook.

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